In this post, I will guide you on how to gain additional views on YouTube.

These are the exact strategies I used to increase my YouTube views to an average of 189k views each month.

1. Make use of “BOGY” Thumbnails

It’s not a surprise that the thumbnail video is enormous.

In fact:

As per YouTube, 9/10 of the most popular videos on YouTube have a customized thumbnail

The issue is:

How can you make a distinctive image? One method that you can try is youtube views buy.

BOGY Thumbnails.

BOGY Thumbnails are thumbnails that employ the following colors:

  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Yellow

What is the significance of this?

If you browse YouTube, you’ll see that YouTube’s primary colors are colored in black, red, and white.

If your thumbnail utilizes black, red, or white… your video will be blending into.

If you choose to use BOGY thumbnails, the video will stand out and draw attention.

2. Copy this Demonstrated Video Description Template

YouTube confirms that the descriptions of your videos “let YouTube’s algorithms know what your videos are all about.”

Then, you’ll have a strong intro.

The first few sentences in your explanation are incredibly crucial.

Mainly, you should include the keyword you want to target in the initial 1-2 sentences.

It’s because YouTube gives more weight to the keywords included in the description.

Make sure you mention your keyword of choice at the top of your article description.

Then, you’ll need to write an outline of 150 words.

All you have to do is describe what people will learn by watching your film.

Do not be afraid to dig deep into the details of this. I would recommend writing at least 150 words.

Make sure you use keywords you want your video to be ranked for.

So, YouTube can fully understand your video content.

You have also got your descriptions hyperlinks.

The aim is to direct visitors to your website and other social media channels.

3. Enhance Your Video Title’s CTR

Your title is an essential element of the success of your video.

YouTube’s internal data has proven that the title you choose to use can either make or break your video.

In the beginning, include brackets and parentheses at the title at the end.

And the “[New Checklist]” at the end of my title is an essential element of the video’s success.

Then, include the number within your name.

This number could be:

  • The number of tricks or strategies you’ll discuss
  • The year in question
  • Several steps to follow in a video tutorial
  • The amount of weight someone shed (or lifted)

or pretty much any other number that is appropriate for your video.

Make sure you use titles that contain between 40 and 50 characters.

4. Learn more “Suggested Video” Views

In the last couple of years, I’ve been studying a variety of YouTube channels.

I’ve also noticed a consistent pattern:

Successful channels can get a large number of views from Suggested Videos.

To remind you, “Suggested Videos” are related videos that YouTube recommends alongside the video you’re currently watching.

As it is, Suggested Video can bring more views than compared to YouTube search.

How do you increase the number of views by using Suggested Video?

Make use of the identical tags as those used by your competitors.

5. Make Use of the “MVC Formula” For Video Tags

We all know the importance of tags to the SEO of videos.

This is because YouTube utilizes tags to help you understand the content of your video.

The MVC is the acronym for “Main Keyword,” “Variations,” and “Category.”

I’ll break it down using an actual-life instance…

The first step is to have a “Main Keyword.”

This is easy to understand.

It is recommended to make your primary keyword your tag’s first or second.

Then, we’ll get “Variations.”

Here’s where you add several variations of your keyword.

Also, add a couple of tags that define the broad genre of your video.

6. Post Videos on Quora, Reddit, and Forums

Online communities are great places to advertise YouTube videos. It’s because those within these communities are enthralled by pressing concerns…

…questions which your video will be able to. You can also buy YouTube views with Sonuker.

7. You can rank your videos in Google Search

The way you rank your videos on Google will result in many additional views.

How can you ensure that your videos appear on Google?

It’s not just about being the first on YouTube.

A study by Stone Temple Consulting found that 55.2 percent of YouTube videos that appeared on Google had content different from the top video appearing in YouTube’s search results.

First, speak your keyword in your video. Then, say it loudly.

Then, upload your video’s transcript (closed captions) to YouTube.

8. Optimize videos to get comments, likes, Subscribes, and Comments

In the context of the YouTube algorithm, the amount of views your video is crucial.

They are also looking to see viewers ENGAGE in your video.

What’s the best method to increase engagement with your videos?

It’s as simple as asking people to be engaged in your video.

9. Improve your channel’s “Session Time.”

Audience retention? Important.

Watch Time? Important.

However, neither of these indicators is as vital as the Session Times.

I’ll explain…

Session Time (also called “Session Watch Time”) is the amount of time spent browsing YouTube when they watch your YouTube video.

10. Optimize Your End Screen to Get the Best Views

Here’s how you can increase the number of views on YouTube with the final screen:

First, choose a popular video on your channel.

To do this, go to YouTube Studio. YouTube Studio then located the video that racked up many views during the past 90 days.

Next, you should find the video on your channel that people would like to watch after watching your most popular video. Include the content in the video’s end.

Now it’s your Turn

This is how you can get more excellent views via YouTube.

I’d like to know what you have got to tell me.

Which of the strategies from today’s post do you want to test first?

Are you planning to make use of BOGY Thumbnails?


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