As Christmas draws near the scammers have begun to conduct Christmas-themed scams on citizens of America. United States. Are you being targeted by a new advertisement on social media that claims to sell an ornament for Christmas at less than $100 from Balsam Hill? If yes, then keep by reading this article to learn more details about this new fraud.

Balsam Hill is an ecommerce site that has been offering home decor items as well as artificial Christmas trees, for over two years. The company has a long-standing store in America which has been providing its customers for over a decade with numerous positive Balsam Hill Warehouse Sale 2021 reviews.

What’s Balsam Hill?

Balsam Hill is an ecommerce website that sells fake Christmas tree decorations, house décor items as well as other items. The site isn’t new, as it has been providing services to customers across all over the United States since 2001.

The store enjoys a good image among customers and has a large customer base that is satisfied and are satisfied with their purchases. But, scammers are profiting from the brand’s name and using it to commit fraud.

Social media advertisements are being promoted in the name of the store, and claim to provide artificial Christmas trees for under $100. The loyal customers of the store are looking for answers is Balsam Hill Warehouse Sale 2021 legitimate or a scam We will answer in the following blog.

Descriptions of This Online Store

  • Website Link –
  • Products such as Fall Decor products Artificial Christmas Trees wreaths, and more
  • Payment Methods Payment Methods PayPal or Buy Now Pay Later options
  • Email Support Web Form
  • Telephone Number: 1-888-552-2572
  • Domain Age : 20 Years 53 days (Created on September 4, 2001)
  • Shipping Information – All purchases are delivered for free using regular shipping. It takes about 3-5 days to deliver. Express delivery is 2 working days.
  • Refunds and Returns All purchases are eligible for a refund or refunds if the request is made in the first 30 days after receiving the order or prior to the 25th December according to Balsam Hill Warehouse Sale 2021 reviews.
  • Owner Details – Not Found
  • Social Media Engaged in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Benefits Balsam Hill Warehouse Sale 2021

  • Shipping is free on all purchases
  • Wide-ranging designs on artificial Christmas trees
  • Christmas decorations, fall decor wreaths, and greenery
  • Discounts as high as 30% off all products
  • The details of the founder are available on the website

Con’s Balsam Hill Warehouse Sales 2021

  • Beware of scams as a lot are happening under their name. shop
  • There is no email address that is not the webform

Does Balsam Hill Warehouse Sale 2021 Legit or a Scam?

It’s the biggest inquiry that buyers have prior to making purchases at any shop. However, in the case of Balsam Hill, we found certain reasons that make the site a legitimate option for shopping, but only after careful study.

  • Balsam Hill is a very old website, which was first established 20 years ago on the 04th September 2001. The site is currently up to date until September 4, 2028.
  • It has earned the top confidence score, which is 96%.. This indicates that the site is legitimate for online purchases.
  • It has an overall trust score of 91.9/100.
  • Many customers have been raving about the store, as evident by the numerous Balsam Hill Warehouse Sale 2021 reviews on Trustpilot and other sites.
  • The store is present on social media platforms, where many customers have praised it by posting online reviews and online comments.
  • Details about the founder can be found on the official website.

Balsam Hill Warehouse Sale 2021 Scam

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Balsam Hill is a well-known retailer, and fraudsters use its brand name and spreading scam messages to target loyal customers. They claim that they can sell Balsam Hill’s Balsam Hill Artificial Christmas Tree for less than $100. priced at $1000 or more at Balsam Hill’s original shop.

Many fraudulent websites are using the logo of the company and false advertisements to target customers. However, these are scams and should be avoided.

What are customers saying about HTML0?

We also discovered many Balsam Hill Warehouse Sale 2021 reviews on the internet Based upon these, we believe that the business appears to be legitimate and not a fraud.

The store is a favorite among loyal customers. Customers have posted diverse reviews, and most of the reviews and comments are favorable. Customers are pleased buying from the store and they are pleased with the quality of products offered at the shop.

However, you should do your homework and thoroughly read all reviews and also learn how to identify scams with PayPal..


Balsam Hill is an old established business that sells a wide range of decorations, including the artificial Christmas tree. The store is a big customer base , with a lot of positive Balsam Hill Warehouse Sale 2021 reviews.

But, there are scams being carried out under the name of Balsam Hill, which is why customers are seeking more information about the fraud. If you’ve seen ads advertising Balsam Hill Artificial Christmas Tree that cost less than $100, avoid them since they’re frauds. Learn the best practices for reporting credit Card scams to ensure your security. It is always recommended to conduct a thorough research since we have received mixed feedback for this site.