The ubiquitous nature of computers and mobile phones in modern life has caused neck pain that has emerged as one of the most often reported medical concerns, affecting both sexes equally. 

Spending long periods of time slumped over electronic devices is just one of several causes of neck pain.

In other cases, neck pain is just an annoyance that can be alleviated with some modest adjustments to your daily routine and some light stretching exercises. 

In some cases, though, persistent neck pain may indicate a more significant health problem that won’t “go away” on its own. 

If you aren’t a doctor, it might be tough to discern if your neck ache is just from stress or if there’s something more severe going on. 

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Common Triggers for Persistent Neck Pain

Muscle strain and nerve compression are the leading causes of persistent neck pain. Identifying which of these is happening can be tricky depending on the symptoms you’re experiencing. 

Uneven strain on one side of the neck is the leading cause of muscular strain. Whether the loads are particularly large or you’re favoring one side of your body to carry them, like when you sling a hefty bag over one shoulder, repetitive lifting is a common source of muscle strain around the neck. 

Muscle strain in the neck can also be caused by not using a supportive enough pillow or by sleeping in an awkward position.

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When one or more of the nerves in your neck are squished or pushed as they exit your top spine (the cervical spine), you have nerve compression. 

After leaving the cervical spine, the nerves reach the shoulders and then the arms and hands. The nerves in your neck can become compressed if a disc in your cervical spine moves out of place or if your neck develops swelling and inflammation. 

And that means you can experience pain and other symptoms wherever along the length of that nerve, including in your neck.

Aching and soreness in the neck, upper back, and shoulders are common early warning signals of nerve compression, and they are sometimes mistaken for those caused by a strained muscle. 

Even more perplexing is the fact that many of the same activities that produce muscular tension in your neck can also cause nerve compression, such as repeated lifting. Accidents involving falls, sports, and automobiles also frequently result in pinched nerves.

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What Happens when You Delay Medieval attention?

Delaying therapy for a compressed nerve in the neck can lead to severe, radiating pain that travels down the back and arms like an electrical shock. 

If left untreated, a pinched nerve can weaken your muscles and make it difficult to use your hands. Delaying treatment could result in severe harm and a lifetime of disability.

Muscle tension is not something to be disregarded, though. Muscle strain leads to inflammation, which can put pressure on nearby nerves. 

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Alternately, you might try to alleviate the pain by shifting your weight to different parts of your neck and shoulders, which can place further pressure on your nerves. 

Muscle strains of any severity have the potential to result in nerve compression, which can have far-reaching and even permanent consequences. The final conclusion is that anyone experiencing persistent neck pain for more than a few days should seek medical attention. 

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