Motorcycles are considered an easy and convenient mode of transportation. They also prove affordable by providing better fuel consumption against most cars. However, motorbikes are considered very risky regarding the rider’s safety. 

In Denver, the effects of a motorcycle accident can be devastating. With the rising number of motorbike accidents and an already established bias against bikers in Denver, a motorcycle accident is the last thing you would want to encounter. Further, with insurance companies in Colorado trying to minimize your claims, such accidents prove devastating physically and financially. 

Accident Repercussions

Motorcycle accidents can cause physical injuries that can have life-long effects. With no seatbelts and airbags to rely on, motorcyclists do not enjoy sufficient protection, unlike car passengers. Such accidents can have traumatic injuries, including broken bones, road rashes, and internal organ damage! 

In addition to the severe injuries, motorcycle accidents in Denver can turn out to be extremely expensive! And while you might argue about your insurance coverage, you should consider thinking twice. It can be difficult to prove your innocence to the police and your insurance provider due to the known bias these two agencies hold against bikers in Colorado. 

Why Should You Hire A Lawyer?

With such extreme repercussions, managing your case alone in Denver might not be the best action plan. In such times, you need a lawyer who can lead your fight and ensure that you are fairly compensated! Denver Law firm is a one-stop solution for your legal needs. Denver law firm specializing in helping motorcycle accident victims in their legal struggles around such crashes.

Here are some reasons you should hire a lawyer after a motorcycle crash:

  1. The Lawyer Evaluates Evidence:

The foremost step immediately after a motorcycle accident is to collect relevant and sufficient evidence to prove the negligence of the other party. After suffering even a minor accident, it is not physically or emotionally possible for an accident victim to ponder over such details to strengthen their case. 

A lawyer, however, is well-versed and experienced with such delicate circumstances. These lawyers are familiar with such occurrences and understand the exact kind of evidence they are looking out for, which would improve your case’s strength by a mile! 

  1. Manages your Negotiations:

These aftereffects of a crash include communicating with the insurance agencies regarding your deserved claims and sometimes communicating with the legal team of the other party involved in the crash regarding taking responsibility for the expenses. 

In such situations, having a lawyer would do wonders for your case! Lawyers are usually skilled in conversing and negotiating with insurance and legal teams to ensure effective communication between them and the client. Your lawyer would safeguard your interest in these negotiations as a priority, which might not be possible for you to accomplish alone. 

  1. Provides Maximum Compensation:

Motorcycle crashes can be fatal for you financially; numerous expenses arise from such accidents comprising your medical bills and motorcycle repair costs. The average cost of a non-fatal accident revolves around $2500 to $1.4 million

In Colorado, these incidents are covered under your insurance plan, with the exception that you chose not to with written evidence. Hence, it is imperative to understand and account for every expense to ensure that you do not suffer financially from a crash that your insurance should have covered. 

Once these expenses are measured, it sometimes becomes difficult to receive the amount from your insurance company which would try to minimize such claims and tie you with legal obstructions. Insurance companies might also substantially delay paying your claim payments if you do not have an attorney to represent you. 

These expenses and costs are generally well estimated and better understood by your lawyer, who can fight tooth and nail against your insurance companies to ensure that you receive every penny that falls under the claim policy. 

  1. Files a Lawsuit:

Usually, motorcycle accident claims resolve through negotiations with the insurance company. These claims are not huge, and the insurance companies themselves do not prefer getting into lengthy trials. However, in some cases, the insurance company might deny you your deserved compensation, especially if it realizes you do not have legal support. 

Taking your insurance provider to court in such scenarios is the best option to gain what you deserve. The easiest way to go about this method is by having a dedicated attorney. These attorneys have ample experience understanding legal complexities and show no hesitation in carrying out the relevant legwork. An attorney would ensure that you do not find such legalities to be an obstruction in your settlement. 

  1. Allows You to Focus on Recovery:

Being on the receiving end of an accident is nothing less than a physically frightening experience, with imminent painful injuries. In 2016 alone, motorcycle crashes accounted for 125 deaths in Colorado! Such incidents require great attention to physical care to ensure that your body recovers completely from the accident. However, this seems improbable without a lawyer who could deal with the legal complexities that tangle most individuals.  

Hence, perhaps the most crucial reason you need a lawyer to rely on after an accident is to allow them to manage the repercussions. From the documentation to the negotiations, a lawyer will cover it all for you while you take some much-needed time to recover physically and emotionally from the incident. 


Throughout the last few years, motorcycle accidents have increased in number. To put it mildly, motorcycle accidents are distressing physically, financially, and psychologically. The situation is further aggravated by potential insurance claim disputes in Denver that can stay unresolved for months! To ensure an efficient and stress-free process, you must hire a lawyer in Denver to protect yourself from these dire repercussions.