Are you a fan of Indoor running? It is a simple exercise that can be started with the least amount of resources. You don’t need any costly subscriptions to any gyms or investment intensive equipment. All it takes is for you to buy a treadmill. If you have that one, you can start running to your heart’s content at any time you want. You need not stop for anything. However, there are many ways in which you can make running better than just an exercise. Read on to find out how. 

Running for Your (Healthy) Life

The best and the easiest way to make the running work for you is to make it the way of life. For example, even if you are going to a nearby place, you should start running instead of taking your car or bike. This way, you get to practise more and more.

Step 1 – Get a (New) Treadmill

If you want your running to work for you, it is recommended that you buy a new treadmill. Newer treadmills are better in features and makes it easier for you to stay motivated. These treadmills come with inbuilt sensors that provide an easier monitoring opportunity. However, if you can’t afford one, you can buy used treadmills from the used items market in your city. It is easily available for $50 or under.

Step 2 – Get the Latest Edition of the Vingo App for Your iPhone

Next step in your journey is to buy a fully functional app like Vingo. It is available for your iPhone and you can easily download it from the app store. While the regular pricing of the app is around $15 per month, you can get it for free now. This makes your Online running an experience to remember.

Step 3 – Track Your Running Activity with the Vingo App

When you have the app installed, you can connect it with your treadmill. Once you do that you can track the number of miles you run. Also you can track how fast your feet are moving but the best part with the app is that you can run in a virtual world.

Step 4 – Join with Your Friends & Family in the Virtual World

With the Online running app, you can workout along with your friends and family. All of you can connect in the virtual world. Once you get together, you can either compete with each other or just enjoy running together. 

Step 5 – Compete in Virtual Running Races 

You can also participate in virtual running competitions. These are conducted by many people inside the world of Vingo. If you prefer, you can start your own competition too and get the best experience in that way. 

Stay Fit & Happy With a Great Running

So, what are you waiting for? Gert the app today and start your running journey. It is a wonderful app that makes you fit and keeps you happy while doing it. In fact, you can also use it as an indoor bike app and similar experience for your cycling.