As one of the most biggest updates in FIFA 23, the World Cup Mode is probably the most praised update in the players community. Today let’s talk about some thing which are already confirmed by EA or may happen in the FIFA 23 World Cup Mode.

  1. Marvel Super Heroes

Firstly there will be new Marvel Super Heroes inside the world cup, it’s not going to be Thanos or the Hulk, there will be new marvel super cards inside ultimate team, this is a partnership that EA has done with marvel, and you will see players like Ricardo being shaped as super heroes inside the game. There is no extra news if these players will have super powers or whatever, but if that happens it’ll be very interesting to see Ibrahimović flying across the field with an iron man suit.

  1. New Teams

Secondly there will be new teams added inside FIFA 23 nationals section. If you remember last year, the national section was completely having no teams like Egypt Bolivia Bulgaria Chile India Columbia, etc., all these teams will be hopefully back in the game.

  1. New Mode Inside FUT

Thirdly the world cup mode always brings a new mode inside ultimate team. Whenever there was a world cup in the last three years, you would see a new mode inside ultimate team without any nation, without any leagues, it’s just the confederation the continent the players belong to. You can make as many funky squads as you can, even though it could be a big cost of FUT Coins.

  1. New Skills

Moreover about the new skills. When the world cup in Brazil there was three new skill moves that they added with the update, even in FIFA 22 they added a skill move when the game was in the mid, so any new skill move can obviously come during the tenure of this world cup.

  1. New Animations

On the other hand, the world cup always brings a lot of new animations regarding crowds. Since they have shown they have added a lot of animations regarding crowds this year in the next generation, so expect a lot of animations regarding crowds managers and even team celebrations when it comes to the world cup game mode.

  1. New Menu Inside World Cup Mode

Additionally we have been requesting a new menu inside the world cup mode for so many years, they haven’t given us any world cup specific mode all the time, but if we get a new menu road to the world cup like in the old 2010 south Africa world cup, it will be the best addition we all have asked for. I would love to take my country to the world cup and completely win it off, this is the feeling that every one of us wants, and it will bring back so many memories of the 2010 South Africa World Cup, so if they can do that, they’ll be really good with the new globe menu with so many nations to choose from, please EA do this for us.

  1. New FUT Moments

The new FUT Moments inside FIFA 23 will completely change because of the world cup, they’ll add new highlights that you can play with probably legends, like Zidane, so that you can score in their iconic games the way they scored in their iconic moments, and of their lives during the world cup. So fut moments will completely change the game when the world cup is on, you can score the goals that are scored on the world cup you have watched on television, and then recreate them in the game.

  1. New Card Designs

Talking about ultimate team the card designs will change as well. Ultimate team always updates  their card designs with new tournaments going on in real life, and the world cup would obviously bring new card designs on the table.

  1. New Soundtrack

By the way looking back to FIFA 18, as in the Russia World Cup 2018 there will be a new soundtrack in the game added as well when you open the world cup mode. So this time when you open the world cup mode enjoy some new songs out there.


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