Todd Smith (formerly Todd Raprager) comes to mind when you consider a man that has been through a number of unfortunate incidents. He has made regrettable decisions and suffered personal tragedies. Take a look at a man who confessed arson, only to be accused of committing heinous crimes.

Who was Todd Smith before the spotlight?

Todd Smith was born in 1968. His early years were relatively normal. Todd was born in 1968 and his early years seemed to be uneventful. Todd changed his last name in 1992 after he married Teresa in Jamaica. Todd Smith became Todd Smith after a blossoming love affair between them. The couple welcomed their three daughters and gave the impression of being happy. But appearances are often deceptive.

What was the cause of Todd’s first encounter with the law?

Todd, then 17 years old, showed a darker side in 1985. A massive explosion occurred after Todd admitted to disconnecting the gas line at his family’s home. His mother, stepfather and three half-siblings miraculously survived the explosion. Todd’s motivation for his act was disagreements with his mom, and he intended to scare her. Todd’s young age and grave mistake led to him facing legal consequences. He pleaded guilty instead of going to court, and received a 30-month probationary period, as well as 160 hours of community work.

What was his life like after the arson?

Todd appeared to be on the path of redemption despite his early life hiccups. The marriage of Todd and Teresa brought him stability. Their household was filled with happiness for a time as they became parents of three beautiful daughters. The joy, however, was short-lived. Cracks started to appear. In 2001, Teresa filed for divorce, ending their relationship. Todd began dating Katrina shortly after. He later married her. Tragically, their lives in Rockford were marred by tragedy.

What happened to Katrina Smith

Todd’s life began a new chapter on October 22, 2012. It was one filled with accusations and investigations. Todd was the last person to have seen Katrina before she vanished. Two weeks later, an off-duty firefighter found Katrina’s dead body near Todd’s home. An autopsy confirmed that Katrina died from blunt force trauma.

Does evidence point to Todd’s involvement in the crime?

Todd was immediately suspected. On October 30, 2012, a search of Todd’s residence revealed potential evidence. A laptop and an apparent blood-stained bat were found. The blood on the baseball bat matched Katrina’s. Todd was facing charges of first degree murder and concealing an homicide as the evidence against him grew.

What was the verdict of Todd’s trial?

Trial culminated with drama and suspense on January 25, 2017. Todd Smith was found guilty by jury verdict and sentencing authorities, on April 4, 2017 of first degree murder and sentenced by them to 59 years of incarceration, which has not changed despite having lodged his appeal and been rejected by them.

What is the family’s reaction and feelings?

Todd’s actions had a ripple effect on his entire family. Paige Smith, his eldest child from Teresa’s marriage, was at a crossroads. She was faced with a difficult decision: maintain her relationship with her dad or search for the truth. Her last conversation after the verdict was heartbreaking. She demanded answers about her father in order to gain closure but were met with silence instead of answers. Todd Smith is currently serving a 59-year prison sentence for sexually abusing her, leading her to end their relationship.

Todd Smith serves as an excellent reminder of how long-lasting our choices and decisions, whether good or bad, have. His actions continue to affect many individuals even today and serve as an illustration of humanity’s capacity for both good and evil.


1. Todd Smith: Who is he?

  • Todd Smith (formerly Todd Raprager) was convicted of the murder in 2017 of his wife Katrina Smith.

2. Todd Smith: Why was he in the news?

  • Todd was convicted of the murder of Katrina Smith in 2012. This led to a high profile trial in 2017 and a subsequent conviction.

3. Todd, did you ever engage in criminal activity before?

  • Todd, then 17 years old, admitted to arson in 1985 after he caused an explosion at his home. He narrowly avoided causing casualties.

4. How long will Todd Smith be in prison?

  • Todd Smith was sentenced to 59 years in prison for the murder of Katrina at first degree and for concealing an homicide.

5. What was the main evidence against Todd Todd?

  • Todd’s conviction was made possible by a baseball bat with Katrina’s DNA found in his garage.