WebDock was established in 2017 with the main objective of offering hosting that is automated, extremely effective, and economical. WebDock’s goal is to provide the best products available on the market. Which is why they only concentrate on cloud VPSs as a form of hosting.

They have succeeded in being one of the best in the web hosting industry, as you can see from this review.

What does Webdock offer?

Built on Linux’s Kernel-based Virtual Machine, the Cloud VPS Hosting Console is a unique cloud computing platform – KVM. The core of cloud VPS is scalable, with virtualized resources that are made available as a service for utility-based purchasing.

By combining the benefits of cloud computing and VPS, continuous provisioning is possible in the virtual world. Most projects can be resourced in a matter of minutes, giving you almost instant access to a new server. And the best part is that you can do this without moving your data or modifying your server settings.

What you need to know about WebDock

If you have been looking for cloud VPS hosting by now, you have probably come across Webdock and its web pages. The company takes great pride in its broad selection of features and services, despite the fact that one can tell that its website is text-heavy and takes a lot of scrolling. There are fully transparent with their customers. Everything you need to know is mentioned on their site.

In this article, we have chosen to focus on a few crucial factors of WebDock. All of their services are listed on their website, therefore we won’t be focusing on them. We will go over a few important elements that are worth mentioning. Let’s take a look:

Complicated website

Something that is not mentioned on their website is that the site is poorly made. The main page also serves as a payment page, and there is too much content on there. Which can be considered a drawback for some users. However, if you have the patience to read everything, you will find that Webdock is, at its core, rather simple and has a few useful functions.

High-performance systems

Instead of having numerous users on one server, they only allow a few. As fewer customers use the server, more resources are split among those clients. Which is why the performance of the system is consequently enhanced.

You can get benefits like LAMP and LEMP troubleshooting, round-the-clock groups, DDoS attack protection, and GDPR DPA. Because of this, the server is not only very effective but also incredibly safe and secured from online dangers.

User Oriented

As a company that places a high focus on consumers, Webdock makes significant efforts to ensure the best level of protection and stability. To do this, they use a variety of high-end software and hardware.

Eco Friendly

As boldly stated on their website, Webdock data centers are eco-friendly, using only renewable energy sources. Selecting an eco-friendly server will make sure that your site does not have a detrimental impact on the environment because running server facilities use a lot of resources.


The customer service team can be reached via mail, online chat, or feedback section. Response times might vary widely depending on the inquiry, from a few moments to an entire day, with urgent issues getting priority. It’s possible that a few of the sections won’t always be open.


Any medium-sized to the large-sized website should consider using cloud VPS hosting. You can host your website on an environmentally friendly server and enjoy great performance and security. So, think about selecting some of WebDock’s hosting plans if you want a fantastic and trustworthy website.