Some tourist spots look iffy, some look incredible, many are just flat out overrated, we’ll take you through the spots you can nix from your itinerary.

Keep in mind most tourist sites have some merit, we’re just looking to save you time and money by finding the sites that aren’t as good as others.

#5 Times Square

Goodness is this one a let down, every time I’ve visited I am freshly reminded of why I should stay away from the square.

Want a destination where you can be constantly dodging elbows and where you can get bumped around like a spirited game of football? Look no further. Want to feel constantly on edge with sketchy people and feel just plain unsafe? Perfect spot.

#4 Eiffel Tower

This one is a bit different than Times Square in the way that it is no doubt beautiful, the issue is the wait.

You end up paying around 30$ per person and waiting in line for most of the day to see a view you could get across the street. Simply go to the top of a nearby tower and you can see the tower (Which is beautiful) with no wait, no crowds, and no money.

#3 Taj Mahal

Gorgeous inside and quite cheap for a tourist destination, what’s not to like? Well the fact that for some reason every part of it is pretty much closed.

Inexplicably 85% of the place is closed from the public and you basically just get to walk in a circle and not take pictures because it’s not allowed. Not to mention a couple pickpockets here and there.

Not the worst place in the world but it needs to be more open to be considered great.

#2 The Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik

Unlike the others on this list, Blue Lagoon is not always packed with people elbow to elbow. Don’t get me wrong it’s busy but not to an unenjoyable level, the real issue however is the attraction itself.

If you boil it right down to the fundamentals it is a spot for warm water next to a power plant. This is a bit crass but it certainly can feel this way, it is quite pretty but not that special.

You can find many beautiful springs around Iceland that feel a little better, or if you’re dying for hot springs, go to the Canadian Rockies.

#1 The Vatican

Wow is this one ever a let down; To be clear I am separating out St. Peters Basilica from this and the Sistine Chapel as they are different.

The Vatican is busy all day every day so you’ll be waiting at least an hour if you’re lucky just to get in and go through all the security. Once you’re in and want to take pictures you probably won’t even be able to get your arms up with the crowds all around you pushing you side to side.

You won’t be able to stand and appreciate the pieces of history so you’ll mostly be getting a quick glance at each thing and then you’ll be shuffled off by your tour guide.

St. Peters Basilica right beside might be the greatest beauty on this earth and completely outshines the Vatican.

The Vatican can be great if you’re prepared for all this and for some reason like the unbearable crowds but also be prepared to spend around 30$ according to tourscanner.

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