We all agree that neck, back, arms & leg muscles undergo a lot of wear and tear while exercising. No wonder your body changes as you exercise. But, the twitching of muscles creates discomfort & triggers pain. How to deal with this exercise pain? Where to find an effective solution? Let’s figure it out with this blog.

What triggers pain after exercising?

Usually, high tension muscle exercises, heavy-lifting during workout sessions create muscle tension. It further leads to muscle spasms. The strain & sprain around the neck, back & limbs may last for a few hours to several days. This pain may snatch away comfort for performing regular life activities. However, muscle relaxants like Pain O Soma could be very relieving. But, you should only opt for such pain relievers after consulting the doctor.

Meanwhile, it is important to identify your intense moves that cause muscle spasms so you can eliminate them.

Sore Muscles after Exercising

Any physical activity like exercising may result in sore muscles. It is also known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) in medical terms. DOMS is usually experienced after starting a new exercise regime, between exercise routine shifts, or when the intensity is increased from regular to intense.

Your muscles are working harder than they’re used to or differently than they’re in a regular state. Thus, even the microscopic damage to the muscle fibers ends up in stiffness or soreness of muscles.

Many times DOMS is mistakenly believed a lactic acid builder, but you should know that lactic acid is out of the scene here. The pain after DOMS lasts for days and may range from mild to severe.

What is Musflex?

You can easily guess the term Musflex – muscular flexibility. Musflex is an acronym for the analgesic class of drugs (including Carisoprodol 350 mg). These drugs are used for relaxing acute musculoskeletal pain. By acute muscle pain, we mean that this pain should exist for a short period only. Musflex pills like Carisoprodol block communication between nerves and the brain & release relaxing sensations. They soothe paining muscles with calming signals.

Musflex treatment with Carisoprodol

Carisoprodol 350 mg tablet is one of the most prescribed medications for treating Musflex. It is an FDA-approved drug for treating musculoskeletal pain effectively. Even if it is very effective as an oral medication, it is prescribed with physical therapies for soothing discomfort. Moreover, it has high potentials for improving the flexibility of muscles and providing relief from sprains, strains & similar acute muscle injuries.

While an individual has Musflex issues (i.e. muscular discomfort or flexibility problems), Carisoprodol keeps the strained tissues calm. Carisoprodol belongs to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that limit the body from secreting inflammatory chemicals. It usually shows effectiveness within 4 to 6 hours of consumption & stays longer in your system for prolonged relief.

For instance, Pain O Soma 350 or Pain O Soma 500 has the respective amount of Carisoprodol content. Either of these pills is prescribed in combination with Aspirin which is also an NSAID with anti-inflammatory properties. Both oral medications together boost the healing process & improve muscular flexibility. Finally, the individual gets better control over movements as muscle strain settles down.

How much Carisoprodol is too much?

Though Carisoprodol is highly effective in treating Musflex, it should not be abused or overdosed. Taking more than the prescribed Carisoprodol dosage may have negative effects on the liver. Thus, you should stick to your dosage guidance & notice the changes in your body as you start using Soma pills.

The common Carisoprodol dosage goes as below:

  • Patients aging above 16 years (adults): Pain O Soma 350mg twice or thrice per day & once before bedtime
  • Patients younger than 16 years (minor): Dosage should be consumed carefully under medical guidance

Dealing with Missed Dose

In case if you forget to use any of your Carisoprodol doses then you may continue with the next scheduled one. Don’t double your next dose to cover the previous one.

Some Precautions to follow while using Carisoprodol

  • You must check out the ingredients of the medicine before using Soma. Also, you may avoid taking Carisoprodol for Musflex if you’re allergic to any of the active & non-active ingredients.
  • Tell your doctor regarding the prescription & OTC medicines under use so that you’ll know if they’re safe to use along with Carisoprodol or not.
  • Let your doctor know about your kidney and liver diseases (if any).
  • Any extreme side effects that only get worse should not be ignored. You may stop using Carisoprodol immediately & only continue it after consulting the doctor.

Final Thoughts

Be it DOMS, stiffness, or muscle spasms, losing muscular flexibility aren’t something to take lightly. It is important to care for the spine & body hygiene. Thus, if you think that exercise pain is getting severe, visit your therapist as soon as possible. Your musculoskeletal pain may disappear as you start using Carisoprodol on prescription. Moreover, you’ll be recommended gentle exercises and care instructions that’ll contribute to minimizing this pain.