With the advent of YouTube and social media platforms, viral videos have significantly increased in the recent past. Most people record and post and see money rolling in. While this might work for celebrities or other famous YouTubers, others must get creative to jumpstart their channels. By going viral on YouTube, you enhance your digital marketing and grow your revenue.

This article explains what a viral video is, how to go viral on YouTube, and key tips to help you go viral on YouTube; It also outlines some of the benefits of going viral on YouTube.

What is a Viral Video on YouTube?

Specifically meant to be shared on social media, viral videos are informative, short videos shared on YouTube channels and quickly spread through the internet. Unlike other YouTube videos, viral videos are shared several times to reach a wider audience.

Apart from a few instances, most viral videos require hard work and patience.

Even If you have all you need, you’ll still have to work hard to create incredible videos and post regularly. Since these techniques are not quick fixes, you need to add more strategies to increase your viewership.

10 Tips to Make Your YouTube Video Go Viral

Below are a few tips for going viral on YouTube Videos

1) Identify Your Target Audience

Whether you’re promoting your brand or creating YouTube videos, one thing you need to know is to identify your target audience. While the goal is to have as many people as possible watch your channel, this isn’t necessarily important. The best approach is to know what gender or age brackets you are making the videos for.

You can also use resources such as YouTube analytics to determine your number of views and how long they’ve been watching your channel.

2) Create a Unique Shareable Content

While most YouTubers tend to create various videos, plain and boring videos do not go viral. That said, you need to showcase your products and bring brand awareness in a unique way that no one has seen before. You can tell a video and have your audience find a deeper meaning. You’ll make your channel grow fast by sharing unique and quality videos.

While uploading different types of content is necessary, you don’t want to ignore what makes your channel unique. Your content video should change over time but make sure you maintain what made it relevant in the first place.

3) Make Your Videos Short and Sweet

Most people have short attention spans, so you need to make your videos short and sweet. The idea is to focus on key points you want to convey to your audience. While the length depends on your platform, make sure you grab your audience’s attention. These videos will also help you build a community and increase your videos.

4) Customize Your Videos on YouTube

Although almost everyone has a camera or a smartphone, things don’t stop there. Beyond the lighting and videos, you need to customize your videos specifically for your target audience. You can do this using proper description, correct title, accurate description, and custom thumbnails. You’ll also want to edit the videos and use hashtags and calls of action to ensure they reach the audience. Doing this will make your content crawled by the search engine.

5) Upload Good Quality Compelling Videos

To go viral on YouTube, you should know that creating good quality and compelling videos is key. While most content creators focus on uploading content, creating quality videos that will entertain and educate your audience is essential.

If you’ve just started your channel, if you’ve just started channel, you can make a long duration so that your audience can get more time to watch. This way, you can share the content on social media and get views on YouTube.

6) Play Using Rich Keywords

When it comes to creating a YouTube channel, using the right keywords is paramount. Apart from the description, you need to use the keywords on the title. Since YouTube is a search engine, it’s essential to optimize the videos and make them go viral.

Optimizing your content and putting it in the right format while considering your audience is also essential. So, optimize the keywords and capture your audience’s attention as fast as possible.

Once you’re done with research, you will want to sprinkle the proper keywords throughout the video content. To grab the audience’s attention, you can use words like new, premium, brand, hot, etc.

7) Publish Teaser Videos

Teaser videos are short videos or clips you can use to go viral. The primary aim of teaser videos is to create excitement and give the audience a glimpse of what’s coming. Doing this can make viral videos and get millions of videos.

8) Make sure your video is relevant & consistent

While the chances of going viral on your first video are pretty slim, if you are consistent and relevant, you can boost your niche and grow your audience. You can start by creating a viral once a week and ensuring it’s relevant.

9) Promote Your Videos on Social Media

While regularly uploading content on your YouTube channel is an excellent way to boost viewership, you’ll still want to share your video on social media platforms if you want it to reach a wide audience. From posting previews to sharing the video to using the right words, there is a lot you can do to boost its popularity.

Before you promote your channel, it’s essential to look at other video creators and learn how they do it. Remember, no one is perfect, and looking at what they are doing, it doesn’t mean you are copying them. This way, you’ll get the tricks and ideas to make your video go viral.

10) Buy YouTube Video Views & Likes

If you are starting, it can ‘take a while to grow your channel. You can always purchase YouTube Views and Likes to boost your channel. If you buy views, you can improve your ranking, make the video go viral, and get up to a million views. If you want to buy YouTube video views, you can contact Media Mister. As one of the cheapest and most robust platforms, it will allow you to cleverly and safely buy the views.


So that’s how to go viral on YouTube. Contrary to popular belief, going viral takes hard work and several years to achieve. To increase views, you need to create short videos, make valuable content and be consistent. It’s also essential to be an expert in what you are doing. By doing these, you’ll grow your YouTube channel within a short time.