Your choice of jewelry says a lot about your personality. If you choose a particular piece to wear every single day, then it’s likely a reflection of both your taste and your unique style. But what does your jewelry say about your personality exactly? Even something as simple as a necklace is a window into who you are as a person. Does a minimal style indicate that you’re classic and chic? Is a multicolored choker indicative of a fun, bubbly personality? Whether you’re wearing a silver or gold necklace, with emerald, topaz, or pearl, find out what your preferred necklaces say about you.

Layered or Multi-Strand Necklace

If you’re sporting a layered necklace, then there’s likely more to you than meets the eye! You’re effortlessly chic, yet still relatable. You’ve chosen an iconic silhouette but you’re still looking to add some interest. People often find you to be insightful and dependable. You’re open to intellectual stimulation but you believe that cooperation yields better results. Your look is classy and cohesive! The Elisa Multi-Strand Necklace in 18k Rose Gold Vermeil from Kendra Scott is a great option for you.

Statement Pendants

You’re bold, and you aren’t afraid to show it! Pendants come in all shapes and sizes, but you’ve chosen to make a statement. Whether it’s the Statement Cross in 14k Yellow Gold Necklace in White Diamond or the Harlow Gold Statement Necklace in Iridescent Opalite, your goal is to turn heads and grab attention. You’re outgoing, spontaneous, but still pragmatic. You tend to be action-oriented and find it easy to hold a conversation with just about anybody. You love being thrown into a new environment and aren’t afraid to be unapologetically yourself!

Multi-Colored Choker

Hand-beaded multi-colored chokers are usually worn by people with eclectic personalities. If you love a good beaded number, then you’re probably someone who is playful, creative, and inventive. You’re flexible and fun! Most of all, you probably love keeping up with trends. You might choose something like the Haven Heard Gold Strand Necklace or the Nova Heard Gold Strand Necklace from Kendra Scott to bring back those Y2K vibes and really show off your charm.

Chain Necklace

You’re someone who is ambitious and outgoing! You probably wear the Kassie Chain Silver Necklace to adorn your all-black ensemble. You tend to go for a classic look but still like to incorporate a little bit of edge. The Vincent Chain and the Large Paperclip Chain are also a few other Kendra Scott pieces that speak to you. You’re strategic and logical, but you’re also not afraid to put yourself out there.

Minimal Pendants

You are the picture of class and grace! If you opt for delicate pieces like the Nola Gold Pendant Necklace in Iridescent Drusy or the Audrey 14k Yellow Gold Pendant, you probably prefer looks that are understated yet intricate. You are sensitive, independent, and caring. Your look and your vibe are all about having quiet confidence. The fact that you love small, dainty details means that you are likely sophisticated and perceptive. You don’t feel the need to show off and prefer to be reserved.

Your style is a reflection of who you are, and your necklace style is essentially an extension of your personality. It’s a noticeable piece that you keep close, which is why it’s so indicative of your traits. If you’re looking to find necklace styles that fit your personality type, look no further than Kendra Scott. You’ll find everything from the latest trends to timeless classics and fun silhouettes. That way, you can show off your unique style with high-quality jewelry at an affordable price point!