Last year was a period of unprecedented growth, with more than 600 companies entering global markets. This has resulted in an increased demand for high-quality shipping companies like Unival Logistics, packaging, particularly at home that started to change from the traditional small cardboard boxes to highly customized containers.

Many shapes, sizes, and colorations to create unique brands and goods that convey their style, which can be seen on their shelves in stores across the world. With all these advancements, we are now witnessing the boom in e-commerce also where one can buy just about anything online such as clothes, shoes, or even electronics.

There will also emerge digital shopping platforms, such as Amazon and eBay that allow buyers and sellers to interact via video conference, text messages, or social media. I am worried about the rise in plastic use because there are so many harmful substances in it, causing problems.

Still, at the same time, I don’t know what challenges will come up soon because people have started using other materials to make less toxic products. Also, in our quest to reduce the cost of production of certain things, it’s essential to pay attention to the packaging of custom vape boxes that makes them more potent than others. Here are some exciting changes that should see the packaging industry grow!

The deteriorating climate is making us rethink everything.

With the ever-increasing rate of environmental destruction, making us realize the need to take action and start thinking eco-conscious, we all have learned how much damage we cause to the environment by our consumption activities. With this, it is time we start taking measures to protect ourselves.

As we continue to consume and dispose of products, I suppose this new recycling trend and sustainability will increase with time. It is essential to realize that no single ethical product or company can’t do business with ethical consumers; however, the only solution to their problem is sustainability for most brands. Therefore, we are manufacturing custom packaging boxes for products. 

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Trending topics in packaging include;


We can use this to cut shipping costs from 20% to 5%.

Plastic Packaging

It’s a great way to reuse packaging from plastics.

Bespoke Boxes

There is customizing solution among these Customized Boxes. Customers want to assume like they own the brand, not just a logo.

Bright Boxes:

 Smart Boxes enable customers to identify exactly what they get.


Many businesses are transitioning their operations into e-commerce, which will affect packaging. We are seeing a lot of transformation within the packaging industry.


The sustainability of packaging starts on one side of it, but they find new ways to make sure we use recyclable packaging every day.


I think it’s time we took a break from buying and selling stuff online where we have so much choice. As consumers, we would be better off if we started buying things in person.

I think that you must stop buying so much stuff when it comes to your needs because it’s too overwhelming and confusing, and we should try to make things straightforward for everyone instead of leaving them feeling overwhelmed all the time.

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Also, when it comes to packaging, we should go a step further and always recycle boxes and use them in Customized Boxes. I believe that will lead towards saving big money spent on the purchase of packaging because each box that contains a good quality item will become reduced and eventually replaced by another box with a well-rated item.

Thus, my suggestion is to stop buying so much stuff and learn how to reuse the packaging you receive.

Once we move away from e-commerce, we should start looking into recycled custom printed boxes that can help us get rid of some of the harmful chemicals present in regular boxes. You can read more about those here.