Real estate is challenging to purchase in your own country, and even more so when you wish to purchase it abroad. There are numerous considerations that must be made because they can significantly affect the price of the entire estate. Here is a list of key things you should be aware of before making any purchases.

You Can Get a Citizenship

Golden visas give wealthy individuals the chance to virtually “purchase” the right to residency, sometimes even without having to actually dwell in the nation. Portugal is frequently cited as the “best” option for people wishing to obtain residency through investing. Furthermore, there are other compelling reasons to invest in Portuguese real estate, as doing so qualifies investors to apply for the Portugal Golden Visa Program. The Golden Visa is a quick and easy option for high-net-worth individuals to get EU citizenship.

The minimal investment in Portugal is €280,000, which can be achieved by purchasing real estate in a low-density area that requires renovation. It can cost as much as €5 million to move funds into a Portuguese bank account or permitted investment for those who intend to complete the transaction using only cash. People only need to stay in the country for about seven days a year to maintain their residency status, and after five years, it can lead to citizenship.

Hire Local Professionals

Hiring a professional who is qualified to do the task is one of the wisest decisions you can make when looking to purchase real estate abroad. For instance, if you want to buy a home in Portugal, you could search online for the top real estate brokers there. You can usually find reviews on their website, but if you can, look for reviews from independent sources. Even better is if you have a friend or relative who has previously purchased property there and can assist you in locating the ideal business or individual. Finding a local expert is crucial because they are familiar with the market’s situation and what can and cannot be done. Finding a trustworthy and experienced real estate agent might be challenging, but it is crucial while searching for one. Do not hire just anyone, since there are many who try to exploit foreigners because they know that you are not familiar with the market here.

Think About the Cost of Living

The general cost of living in a specific nation is something that many people overlook when they want to purchase their ideal home abroad, and just because you are well off in the USA does not mean that you can purchase a property wherever you like. There are several regions, particularly in Europe, where the cost of living is higher than in many American cities. If you are only planning on visiting a foreign nation a few times a year, there is no need to own a property there. Instead, you would be better off renting an estate. Additionally, you should be aware that petrol prices are generally significantly higher abroad than they are at home. If you intend to buy a house on the seaside, one that is located in a popular tourist spot, then expect that the prices will be higher than in the rest of the country because of the number of people that are visiting it. 

Think About the Location of the Property

You cannot make a purchase haphazardly for a variety of reasons, but one of the most important ones is to have your basic human needs covered. Imagine purchasing a house in a remote location. The property looks amazing, has a swimming pool, five bathrooms, all the comfort you could desire, and it is reasonably priced. However, you soon discover that you are far away from any civilization, which presents a number of issues. The largest issue is the time it will take you to travel to the closest town to acquire basic items. If an emergency occurs on your estate, they will also need a lot of time to get to you and help you out. Also, except if you will live there with your friend and family, you will be quite lonesome and you will need time to adjust to the tranquillity.

You should also consider the local climate of the town or village where you plan to purchase the property. If you prefer bright weather, you should avoid areas where there are more clouds than sunlight throughout the year. See if it is possible to swim in the nearby sea, if there is a shore, or if you need to avoid sharp rocks, which can be extremely dangerous.

Think About the Law

Even while many people seek out locations where they may take advantage of the lack of a strict legal system, some people prefer to follow the rules and do everything by the book. The latter group should be aware that, in many nations, law enforcement is more concerned with bribes than with what is permitted and what is not. As a result, when looking to buy a property, you should look for a location where you won’t have to pay a bribe to a government official in order to build something on your property, but rather one where the system is efficient and enforced and where you won’t have to wait years for a permit to begin construction. There are not too many countries in the world where you can find this, and most of them are found in Europe, particularly the western countries.

You should also be aware that other countries legal systems aren’t necessarily identical to your own. Before purchasing a home there, you should familiarize yourself with the local smoking, drinking, and noise regulations. You can not usually carry a weapon without a permit and many other laws (you should know that most countries do not like to see regular people with guns since that is something that they do not see every day).

Be Mindful of Your Finances

Your money may be a concern when purchasing a property overseas if there is a large downpayment program or a high-interest rate. If you use a foreign bank, you may additionally need to purchase insurance to protect your mortgage. However, if you are able to do it, paying cash makes life easy and eliminates the need to apply for a loan.

Understand the Square Foot Calculation

When buying property abroad, you need to understand what a square foot calculation entails. Keep in mind that square-foot figures can include both interior and exterior areas, such as patios, walkways, and balconies. It’s virtually always an indoor, air-conditioned environment in the United States, which may be quite different from some European countries. 

We hope that this post will be of great use to you if you decide to buy real estate in another country. Take attention to every detail of this crucial transaction, and best of luck.