It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

…Wait, is that a camera? I need to fix my hair! 

If you’ve caught sight of an Unidentifed Flying Object lately, there was a good chance that it was a drone camera! These small, remote-controlled helicopters are the latest trend when it comes to capturing unique photos and videos. Using a drone allows artists and hobbyists alike to capture brilliant images from unique vantage points without the need for a tripod. 

The benefits of using a drone are numerous, but it can often be a little intimidating to get started. After all, there is no risk of getting your phone camera stuck in a tree! Your standard DSLR probably won’t crash land in a lake! 

You don’t need to be a pro to start using drones to take dynamic and engaging photos! Keep reading to learn five of the most compelling reasons to get into using camera drones to capture brilliant memories!

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1. A Change in Perspective

Watching a daring photographer in action is more exciting than it sounds at first! In the past, an artist in pursuit of the perfect vantage point had to scale ladders, climb buildings, or balance on chairs in the name of the perfect shot. Today, it’s possible for a photographer to keep their feet firmly planted and still take a photo from a thrilling and unique perspective. 

They have changed the game for anyone looking to capture a large group. When taken from above, a drone photographer can curate unique views of crowds. 

It’s also been a game-changer when it comes to landscape photography. Travel photographers can get the best shots of natural resources such as mountains, lakes, and even whole islands! It’s a great way for someone with an artistic eye to capture the world in a unique, unprecedented light. 

2. Capture the Impossible

Try as they might, there are some places and spaces where a photographer cannot go. One of the biggest drone benefits is that they can fit in tight places and hover above danger without an issue. They have proven essential in capturing the reality of natural disasters and warzones.

Truly daring photographers have had great success capturing a variety of wild beasts and animals in action. While the drone might attract attention, nobody gets hurt when a big cat or giant bear gets curious and decides to explore! The swift drone can be out of the way before those furry friends can do any damage! 

If you’re interested in video, you will be able to capture footage of an entire city at any time of the day or night. It is a wonderful way to keep ambitious photographers safe as they seek to capture every interesting corner of the earth!

3. Make Masterful Memories

You don’t need to head to a war zone or a jungle to use a drone to capture incredible images. You’re just as likely to see a photographer operating a drone at a wedding or other major event. 

Most soon-to-be-wed couples agonize over their wedding’s location. When so much work goes into choosing the most scenic and beautiful venue for the ceremony or reception, it makes sense to capture that beauty. Thus, interest in drone photography is increasing. 

Imagine capturing every wedding guest in a single photo. You can film the entire venue and include the footage in a wedding video. You will have the opportunity to take fun photos of the wedding party from surprising vantage points without missing a single detail!

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event. Drones can capture once-in-a-lifetime images. It seems like a match made in heaven! Click here to get started with drones!

4. Get In on the Action

It can be exciting to capture events on film when they are full of action and movement! It can be hard to keep up with marathon runners, surfers, and other athletes, however! Drones, on the other hand, don’t get tired, and can get close to the action without interfering with the event!

The same is true for family photos, especially on vacation. You can capture your family engaging in unique, active experiences. As long as drones can legally fly, you can use them to sneak action shots worthy of a magazine.

A drone is a great companion on any adventure. Hikers love to bring a drone camera along while they scale new heights. If the photographer is the active one, they won’t get left out, as drones are great at taking some of the world’s most unique selfies!

5. Innovation Is Mandatory

Drone photography is still a fairly new innovation. As time goes on, technology is only improving. Scientists and engineers are working hard to develop high-tech cameras for use in a variety of fields, including self-driving cars. 

As cameras improve, innovations in drone photography are certainly imminent! A new and evolving medium is a fun and exciting way to stretch creativity and innovation. In essence, ingenuity is a mandatory part of exploring exactly what this technology can do for the arts. 

Many brilliant artists have already begun to innovate. Clever hobbyists have used sidewalk chalk to draw two-dimensional scenes. They’ve inserted children, babies, and even animals to make the impossible images come to life! 

When so much is possible, the only limit is your imagination! What will you create? 

Using a Drone Will Transform Your Photography

Why use a drone?

If you have felt limited by your camera’s capabilities, it might be time to let a drone give your photography a lift – literally! Using a drone takes a little bit of practice, but once you’ve mastered flight, the sky is the limit! The striking pictures you capture when you take to the skies and leave the tripod at home will amaze you! 

Are you interested in other ways that modern tech can take your hobbies to new heights? Check out the rest of the blog for more posts to inspire your life! You won’t want to come back down to the ground!