The demand for pre-rolls has massively increased over time as people prefer getting ready-made joints over spending time and energy on grinding the flowers and filling them in the packet. The increased popularity and consumption of pre-rolls eventually creates an equally great demand for pre roll packaging. Brands know the fact that they need to come up with innovative packaging to make a distinct image in the market. Custom pre roll packaging serves best in this regard with endless customizations in designs and printing. However, there must be careful product designing and execution to make it desirably impactful. Let us discuss how you can do itformaximum success.

Play smart with style:

When you know that the market is condensed with a huge number of competitors, you need to think of ways to stand out among them. A great way is to develop unique shapes and styles for your pre roll joint packagingso that it becomes the focus of attention among the rivals. Modern customization facilities allow you to bring any kind of packaging design into reality, so you can be as creative in it as you want. So ditch the ordinary cigarette packaging and go for something like the sliding sleeve boxes, cylindrical packaging, briefcase-like boxes with compartments in them or any other. It will help you attract the audience effortlessly and enjoy a rise in sales in no time.

Include visuals that entice:

When customers are exploring the retail shelves, they are bombarded with tons of products. What catches their attention among a huge clutter of products is the eye-catching packaging. Those that carry enticing colors, quirky typography and inviting visuals succeed to grab their attention. So you need to have a creative approach while designing your custom pre roll packaging. Make use of imagery and illustrations that best represent your product while being aesthetically appealing at the same time. The color scheme of the packaging should reflect the niche of your brand as well as the product it is carrying. Moreover, for your products that are high-end or belong to the target audience of age 30 and above, the best way is to have luxury pre roll packaging made with rigid cardboard material carrying classy and royal colors. Different printing effects can be used to give the packaging a certain feel and finish.

Sell your name to make more sales

Imagine yourself going to the market and finding a product without any mention of the company name or logo. Would you even consider buying it? The answer is pretty obvious, never. This is how important branding is. You need to make your packaging speak of your brand clearly. People need to know what brand they are buying. So you have to customize your brand name in an exclusively stylized font that mimics no other brand but gives you a distinct identity. Your logo must occupy a prominent position on the face of the pre roll packaging box so that people can recognize and remember it. This will give your brand a unique identity of its own that will set you apart from the rest of the brands.

Product protection is the key

While choosing the material for your joint pre roll packaging, you need to make sure that it is sturdy enough to bear the external pressures and keep the joints safe in all conditions. Cardboard and kraft materials are a great option for this as they are quite protective, flexibly customizable and eco-friendly at the same time. Such winning packaging materialsmake the best pre roll packagingwhichis highly appreciated by the customers for all the right reasons. You can also add inserts in the boxes to further enhance the protection of the fragile pre-rolls.

Authenticity is the way to impress

You cannot just make people buy your products with only designs and branding because they are more interested in knowing the actual packaged product. So it is necessary for your pre roll packages to have the details about the product that will convince customers to make a purchase. You need to mention that you only deal with authentic products with the finest quality ingredients. Including product specifications on the packaging will make people think of you as a responsible and trustworthy brand and thus help increase your customer base.

The above mentioned aspects when executed rightly can turn your packaging into a successful marketing tool. However, you can make it further beneficial by making it interactive for your customers. Give some space to your website address, social media handles or hashtags somewhere on the packaging and let your customers connect with you. It will help you grow miraculously.