Moonstone, a sparkling and iridescent stone that seems to glow from within, is a top pick for jewelry. And, it’s easy to see why, thanks to its striking and unique appearance in a range of colors from clear to misty blues, whites, and even pinks.

But, moonstone jewelry isn’t just beautiful; it also has a deeper meaning.

Are you thinking of investing in a stunning piece or two? If so, you might want to learn about what it signifies first.

Keep reading to learn more about moonstone symbolism in our fun and easy to understand guide!

What Does Moonstone Symbolize?

Because moonstones carry a gentle celestial glow, they are often associated with one of the most powerful lights in our night sky – the moon.

But, their meaning goes far further. Its mystical associations and uses as a talisman also include fertility, love, protection, and restful sleep.

In eastern cultures, the moonstone and all other “lighted” stones are considered sacred and good luck. Their adularescence, or internal glow, is believed to represent a powerful and positive spirit dwelling within. 

Rainbow Moonstone Symbolism

Also known as White Labradorite, rainbow moonstone is believed to offer balancing energy, allowing our chakras to flow freely. This may help maintain mental clarity and shield the aura from negative vibrations. 

This makes the rainbow moonstone an excellent choice for mindful practice like yoga and meditation.

Blue Moonstone Symbolism

Blue moonstone is believed to carry deep healing energy, able to heal what ails you and return your body and mind to health and wholeness. It is also considered a highly feminine, sensual, and nourishing stone.

Blue moonstones are often preferred by women hoping to increase fertility, sexuality, and the natural feminine power within.

More Moonstone Symbolism and Meaning

Throughout history, mystics and traditional healers all around the world have used moonstones for meditation. Their mesmerizing moving inner light makes a good focus during meditative practices. And, some believe the stone has a calming influence, assisting those who wish to enter a deep trance.

This mineral is also known as the lover’s stone, traditionally exchanged between romantic partners. Believed to promote amorous emotions and tranquillity, this gem has been a highly prized gift for thousands of years!

Thanks to its close association with the moon, moonstones are also believed to help deliver restful sleep. Wearers may benefit from a calming sensation and a reduction in stress and anxiety at night.

Moonstone Symbolism Made Easy

Now that you know a bit more about moonstone symbolism, you’re ready to start shopping. 

Just remember, you’ll want to consider your stone’s color before making a purchase. This is especially important if you’re hoping to use your stone as a talisman or plan on giving it as a gift!

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