Stories about mobs, their activities and leaders have long held our collective fascination. But there are individuals whose tales may be just as riveting if not as well-known; Victoria DiGiorgio stands out among these. Victoria Gotti led an extraordinary life while being John Gotti’s spouse and a powerful crime boss in America. Below, we will continue to explore her life.

Victoria DiGiorgio: Who is she?

Victoria DiGiorgio, born in a world far from the underworld and surrounded by a family that is not involved with it, is best known as the wife to John Gotti. This description is a disservice to her. She is a partner and a mother who has faced her own challenges with grace.

Victoria has lived an inspiring life. Victoria shielded her children from her husband’s criminal activities, allowing them to have a normal childhood despite the unpredictable world. Victoria deserves praise for keeping a normal air while fighting against chaos and ensuring her children’s safety.

Who has Victoria DiGiorgio married to?

John Gotti is widely recognized as the face of organized criminality in the 1990s. Gotti rose through the ranks of the Gambino Family and became known for his audacity as he fought in court as well as his ability not to be convicted – hence his nickname Teflon don.

John was a notorious mobster who had a reputation for ambition. Victoria, his constant companion, is credited with their legendary love story. The couple met for the first in a bar back in 1958. They would spend 40 years together, experiencing ups and challenges.

Victoria DiGiorgio Net worth:

Mafia’s financial world is often shrouded with mystery. Although their illegal dealings brought them huge sums of cash, they weren’t always easy. Victoria DiGiorgio’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million by 2023, thanks to inheritance and her late husband’s estate. This number, although significant, has not been confirmed by either her or her family.

Her children, notably John Gotti Jr., and Victoria Gotti have also amassed considerable wealth through the years. The first has an estimated net wealth of $10 million while the second’s is $2.5 million. This was boosted significantly by inheritances from ancestral properties.

A Life away from the Limelight

Netflix’s recent documentary “Get Gotti”, though released late, has brought back into prominence Victoria DiGiorgio while leaving other members of her clan out-of-focus. After her husband died in 2002 she chose not to live a public life focusing on family matters and personal health instead of keeping up appearances for public viewings.

Victoria has demonstrated remarkable ability in keeping her privacy during an age of constant media scrutiny and constant attention. The documentary sheds some light on John Gotti and his crimes. Victoria’s story is not told, which shows her desire for peace.


Victoria DiGiorgio, whose life is interwoven with her husband’s story, stands out as a testament to the resilience, determination and unyielding family strength. She emerged from the trials and tribulations as a quiet force within the Gotti family, leaving behind a closeness within its ranks that still remains today. Victoria DiGiorgio is a reminder of the people who are behind seemingly invincible figures. They face obstacles with dignity, make sacrifices and hold on to their support in different ways.


  1. What is Victoria DiGiorgio all about?
    • Victoria DiGiorgio, the wife of John Gotti, the notorious mob leader and father to their five children.
  2. How did Victoria DiGiorgio meet John Gotti?
    • After dating for four long years, they married in 1962. They met at a bar in 1958.
  3. What is Victoria DiGiorgio estimated net worth by 2023?
    • Her estimated net worth in 2023 is about $2 million. This has not been confirmed publicly.
  4. How has Victoria DiGiorgio handled the aftermath of John Gotti’s death?
    • Victoria, who has been living in peace and quiet away from the media, with her family, since Gotti’s passing, has maintained her privacy.
  5. Victoria DiGiorgio’s children are notable for their net worth?
    • John Gotti Jr., and Victoria Gotti, have respective net worths estimated at $10 million and $2 million.