For car lovers, collecting premium rims is not just a hobby but a passion and love they have for their vehicle. You always think to yourself- How can I upgrade my car’s look in seconds?  Well, the answer is to get stylish and durable rims. Some rims are designed so uniquely that they will make heads turn while you cruise down the road. More often than not, people think rims are mere aesthetic add-ons for the car’s appearance but as a matter of fact, they play a very important role in how your car performs.

Rims and tires have different components such as spokes, connecting structure, body and other factors that make them unique!  And there’s no denying that there are a lot of cool rims out there in the market. But how do you make a final decision on the rims?  At AudioCityUSA, we understand the pain and chaos you go through, so we have hand-picked 10 of the best in durability, endurance, style and price. Below are 10 rims to help you jazz up your car!

1. Vossen Wheels Silver – CV517

Vossen wheels is known for its quality products since the 80s. The team behind Vossen examines and assesses each wheel to see if it adheres to its quality standard. The silver CV517 is one such wheel in their sack that will change the whole game of your car.

2. Asanti Wheels – AF151

Asanti wheels always have something great to offer with high-quality standards and limitless finishing options. This AF151 is just one of the brand’s exceptional products. It weighs around 32 to 60 pounds and is made from 6061-t6 aluminum.

3. Dub – Zigzag Custom Finish Rim 

Looking for an attractive eye-catching rim to match your vehicle? Then, this is the rim for you! This high-grade wheel rim is customizable in various sizes, fitments and colors. Also, the best part is that it lasts longer than any ordinary rim!

4.  Fortiago wheels 

Safety is one of the biggest concerns while driving a car but with Fortiago wheels  and rim, exceptional durability is what you can expect and get. It is made from premium alloy and will not break under any circumstance, giving you a safe ride every time! 

5. Nutek Wheels – 605 Step-lip

The craze for car customization has been growing and people like us are always waiting to add a personal touch to our vehicles. Keeping this in mind, Nutek wheels has launched its most desirable step-lip wheels edition which is suited for most supercars. It comes in 18’’ and 19’’ diameter and 14’’ width. 

6. Giovanna Luxury Wheels – GFC Hura Forged Rims

Do you own a luxury car? Then this rim is the best choice for your car. Its aesthetic design is specially made for luxury cars like the Lamborghini Huracan. And these are not just mere designs. Strength and durability are what add spice to them!

7. Asanti Forged Wheels AF Series – AF821

Asanti Forged wheels- the name is enough for any car lover! They are renowned makers of exclusive, attractive and high-standard rims. It offers less tire tension and amazing durability. All thanks to its 6061-t6 aluminum body!

8. Vossen VFS-2 Wheels

Have you ever heard of a combination that is super lightweight yet exceptionally strong? If not, then this is what Vossen VFS-2 wheels offer. They are known for their designs, wide customizable options and functionality. We are sure that they will sweep you off your feet will without you even getting into the car!

9. Ace Alloy Wheels AFF02 Flow Formed

Ace alloy wheels produce exceptionally high-quality standard wheels. It is engineered for performance and built to inspire. It offers hundreds of customizable options in sizes and colors and this is what makes it stand apart from the rest. It is not just a wheel rim but an identity for your vehicle.

10. XO Wheels

XO wheels are designed to satisfy you want for a stylish and high-performing car. Its exclusive and hard-setting wheels will not just complement the style but also take it to another level of performance. So, if you are someone who wants the best of both worlds, then without a blink, it is the perfect choice for your vehicle.

Wrapping up . . . . 

Your car can be precious to you and you will always want it to stand out from the rest. This is why we are here to help you select the perfect rim for your vehicle. There are a lot of rims in the market but when it comes to price, design, durability and endurance, nothing can beat these timeless classic rims that we have hand-picked for you. If you are like us, you will agree. So, when are you taking your next ride with one of these rims?