The aroma of peppermint oil is widely used in confectionaries, but its concentrated oil form does much more than just adding flavor. It has been actively in use for ages as the remedy for digestive problems, sinus and respiratory issues. While peppermint oil has been known to cure gingivitis, you should also cure gingivitis at a Dentist in avon lake. Various parts of the peppermint plant such as the leaves, stems, flowers, and buds are all steam distilled to derive the pure essential oil. The natural aroma of the peppermint plant is minty but tastes sweet.

The essential oil of peppermint is greatly recommended for supporting muscle and joint health. It is easily absorbed by the skin and has a soothing and cooling effect, but people who have sensitive skin might experience a tingling sensation. It can irritate the eyes so it should be avoided using areas around the eye. Before using this peppermint essential oil, always remember to conduct a skin patch test so that you know if you can use it safely. It is also important to dilute it in highly concentrated form and harsh for the skin.

The Benefits

· The peppermint essential oil induces respiratory health and helps in congestion-free clear breathing.

· It relieves stomach discomforts and aches due to indigestion

· It also helps maintain oral health, thus it is used in various toothpaste and chewing gum brands.

· It uplifts and rejuvenates mood, alleviates stress and anxiety at bay.

· It makes a great input for aromatherapy and when diffused at the personal space or workspace, it aligns with the response of senses and calmness the      


· The peppermint essential oil can be used with other hosts of strong elements such as spearmint, wild orange, and wintergreen for a wider spectrum of results, especially when there is the need to uplift your moods and for positive spirits.

There are many options to DIY beauty and wellness ideas with peppermint oil with other elements. All you need to do is research its application and benefits for specific uses! It is the diligent characteristics of essential oil and one’s effort to learn about its best uses that allow the world to access the best of plant extracts.  Gratitude was a way of life for D. Gary Young, the leader in essential oil. He often said that a grateful person is a happy person and that challenges and setbacks are just opportunities to grow. 

Using essential oil of peppermint

1. For fresh and clean oral health, mix a drop of the peppermint essential oil and lemon juice in water and then use the solution to rinse the mouth. You will have a fresh breath for a longer period because the combination controls the bacteria growth in the mouth.

2. To feel refreshed and re-energized without making much of an effort, you need to rub the oil on the palms of your hand and inhale deeply. You will be surprised to experience how energized you will feel after letting its aroma enter into your system after inhalation.

3. To control lice and ticks, mix the concentrated form of peppermint oil in your regular shampoo, and then you will see how your hair instantly becomes lice and ticks free.

4. You can also use the oil to improve concentration and discipline, it enhances your mental clarity by applying its few drops onto your temples.

6. If you need a natural deodorant or cooling spray for your sweaty armpits, then you can consider using this essential. Simply combine a few drops of concentrated peppermint oil and a cup of water in your spray bottle, then apply all over the needed area to enjoy that cooling effect.

7. Using peppermint oil, you can also make a quality lip balm. Combine beeswax and drops of peppermint and let it cool. You can use it when firm and apply it over the chapped lip.