Whether you’re new to the world of Blackjack or you’ve dabbled in your fair share, there are some gameplay terms you may still be unfamiliar with, or just unsure of what they actually mean.

To avoid any confusion, we have gathered a few terminology words and phrases you may hear when playing online Blackjack games at Betfair Casino, or your preferred provider, whether your game is computer generated or in live play mode.

Scroll to diffuse the confusion.


This is what is known as the money you have available to use within your gameplay. Although easy to do, do not confuse this with your total available cash; only count the amount you’re willing to play and potentially lose.


The name of the game – you may hear this also referred to as Vingt-et-Un, Twenty One or 21.

Not only is it the name of the game, but it can also be referred to as a hand you or the dealer may hold – this is comprised of an ace and either a ten or a picture card that totals 21.

Burn Card

Before the dealer deals the cards to both you and themselves, the top card is discarded. 

This discarded card is known as the burn card. By doing this, it makes it impossible for anyone to know what the first card is going to be.


A word you never want to hear when playing Blackjack! — especially if the word is applied to you. As this means you have run out of money and your bankroll is empty.

Cold Deck

If the box holding all the cards, also known as a shoe, is dealing out awful cards, causing players to lose too much, this is known as a cold deck.

Cut Card

When a new card shoe, full of shuffled cards is introduced, the dealer will ask one player from the table to cut the deck with a cut card. This card signals when that shoe finishes and a new shoe full of shuffled cards, is required for the table.


The word you say when you would like the dealer to deal you another card into your hand.


If the hand dealt to you contains two cards of the same value, you have the option to play the cards in the same hand or split your hand, which will match your initial wager, but you’ll be playing with two hands, rather than one.


If you feel the first two cards dealt to you are enough and do not require you to hit, or you’ve hit another card into your hand and you feel you are as close to 21 as you can go, you can tell the deal you wish to stand, meaning you don’t require any further cards.

Now your Blackjack terminology is refreshed, when will you be putting what you’ve learnt into practice, and where? Will you be heading to your local casino establishment, or will you opt to be dealt a hand or two whilst cosied up on your sofa? The choice really is yours.