Today, disposable cups have become a vital part of many people’s lives because they are easily disposable, usable, and cost relatively less than their non-disposable counterparts. Because of these advantages, many business people own ice cream joints, cafes, food establishments, coffee shops, soup joints, and private consumers find themselves buying these cups in small quantities or bulk. Therefore, an important question emerges: How do you select the best disposable cups? Lucky for you, this article answers this question by offering you the best tips for you to consider before buying disposable cups.

  1. Size of the Cups

Typically, disposable cups come in three distinct sizes; small, medium, and large. As a business owner, the sizes of the cups that you select are pretty vital because different customers will buy take-outs in different quantities. Therefore, you would need to purchase disposable cups in all three sizes for maximum customer satisfaction. However, private consumers can purchase cups of any size, depending on their preferences.

  1. Design

The design and style in which the cups are manufactured are pretty important, especially if you buy disposable cups for commercial purposes. Buying well-designed and unique cups are advantageous to your business because the design represents your brand positively and attracts more customers. The other crucial part of the design that you should consider is the accessories that come with the cups, including cup holders, lids, and trays. Therefore, before buying ice cream cups, ensure that you buy ice cream cups with lids.

  1. The Material used

Disposable cups are usually made of three materials; plastic, paper, and foam. Before you buy any disposable cups, it is incredibly crucial to ensure that the material that constitutes the cups is durable, recyclable, biodegradable, Eco-friendly, and compostable. For plastic cups, go for those made of hard plastic or compostable plastic. On the other hand, the best disposable paper cups are made of poly-coated paper or wax-coated paper because of their ability to hold extremely cold or hot beverages comfortably. Foam cups are known for their excellent durability and the insulating effect they bring along.

  1. The type of the Cups

The type of disposable cups is usually influenced by the temperature you serve your beverages. The single-walled cold cups are the best for cold drinks like ice cream. On the other hand, single-walled hot, double-walled hot, and air pocket insulated cups are best for those beverages that are served hot, like coffee and soup.

  1. The Price of the Cups

The price of disposable cups depends mainly on the size, quantity, and dealer you are buying from. Ensure that you purchase relatively cheap quality cups, and make sure that the deal you get is relative to the amount you are paying. Additionally, look for different dealers to know which ones offer the best disposable cups for the most affordable prices.

As a buyer of disposable cups, you are better placed to make a better purchase decision after reading this article. Therefore, before you buy ice cream cups with lids or any other kind of disposable cups, ensure you follow the guidelines stipulated above.