With UI/UX experience becoming more complex and revolutionary, website development requirements are also evolving. There have been significant changes in developing websites from being static to dynamic. The need for 

mobile applications has also rapidly increased because full stack developer course of the ease of accessibility. In order to build rich-feature applications, companies look for developers with both front-end and back-end skills. They are called “full stack developers.”

Therefore, there is a high demand for full-stack developers. Plenty of opportunities can be found on freelancing platforms such as UpTecHunt. Also, freelancers who aspire to become full-stack developers have multiple resources available online. Having said that, becoming a full-stack developer could take a few months based on freelancers’ coding proficiency and previous background. A full-stack developer knows how to handle databases, systems, servers, and, clients. They are also well-versed with different frameworks and technologies to build a product or application. Let’s have a look at the top 10 frameworks to become a full-stack developer:

React JS:

React JS is a widely used framework by businesses across the globe such as Netflix, Dropbox, and many more. Having an open-source library, one can create front-end applications using JavaScript. React is managed by Facebook now called Meta. One must learn HTML & CSS to use ReactJS.

React JS can help you create:

  • Templates
  • Dynamic websites
  • Reusable UI components
  • Building complex applications
  • Virtual DOM


One of the popular back-end frameworks is Spring Boot. This framework is based on Java. It sits on top of Spring Framework and enables web-based application configuration. It allows auto-configuration which saves time. SpringBoot is used by Google, Accenture, and many more.

Java can help you to:

  • Embed spring-based applications
  • Easy configuration
  • Allows XML configuration


For a freelance developer who is keen to learn Python, this is the framework to go for. Django follows Model-Template-Views architecture. It offers a caching framework, dispatcher system, and authentication system. Widely used by Instagram, Spotify, and many more.


  • Supports high-level programming language
  • Offers reusable components
  • Runs with Apache, Cherokee, etc.
  • Supports complex websites


Angular is the best and most popular GUI frontend framework. It provides standardized code. It is built on TypeScript which is an open-source framework. If you don’t want to use React, Angular is the right choice for you. It is being used by PayPal, Google, and, many more.

Angular will enable:

  • To build high-quality applications
  • Great support for lazy loading
  • High performance


This is a JavaScript library for APIs. It comprises the query language, execution semantics, and static validation. This enables us to build APIs with powerful development tools. A full-stack developer would know the basics of Apollo, Syntax, and Resolve. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram use GraphQL.

Why GraphQL:

  • Retrieves data with a single API
  • API documentation auto-generation
  • Supports complex building of applications


CSS has been replaced by Bootstrap and is one of the best frameworks to be used by front-end web development. Being an open-source framework, it offers templates written in JavaScript and used by full-stack developers. Learning the fundamentals of HTML and CSS would be a bonus for freelance full-stack developers. Companies like Udemy, LinkedIn, and much more use Bootstrap.

Bootstrap can be used:

  • To build mobile applications
  • To customize
  • To create a responsive style and structure

Node JS:

Fully functional web applications can be created using Node JS and Express.js which is an open-source framework. Companies like Yahoo, Twitter, and much more use Node JS.

Node JS helps:

  • To improve performance
  • To reduce cost
  • To build cross-functional teams
  • Support caching

Ruby on Rails:

It follows an MVC framework which is Model-View-Controller used for building website pages, database structures, and servers. Learning CSS, SQL, HTML, and JavaScript could be a must. Businesses like Airbnb, Bloomberg, and Shopify use Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails uses:

  • DRY concept
  • Helps rapid development
  • Testing automation
  • Easy maintenance


A powerful open-source JavaScript used by freelance full-stack developers in web development. It’s widely used by Dell, Google, and many other companies.

jQuery is:

  • Simple and reusable
  • Easy to learn
  • Multiple plugin options


For any full stack development using Python, Flask is a must framework. It’s a micro-framework that runs without libraries and tools. It also provides add-on features. Flask is used by companies like Reddit, Netflix and many other companies.

Why Flask?

  • Scalable
  • Easy to build a prototype
  • Higher compatibility

To become a full-stack developer, it is crucial to learn popular frameworks. It is recommended to learn at least one open-end framework along with one back-end framework as per your coding skills. Explore freelancing full-stack development opportunities at UpTecHunt.