The personal care product and beauty market in Thailand is growing largely. This has been contributed by product segments like hair products, makeup, skincare, soaps and hygiene, oral and dental care. In Thailand, the tourism industry is one of the highest contributors to the country’s economy. A crucial driver of the Thailand skin care products market is the regular tourist and visitors spending on skincare products.

Thai medical treatments

Thai clinics and hospitals have highly invested in high technology equipment, facilities, and qualified surgeons to raise Thailand to the leader in medical systems in the region. Yearly, Thailand hosts many foreign patients from all over the world due to the high quality of treatment by highly trained physicians at an affordable price. Also, the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand is aiming to reach high standard quality and turn Thailand into a Medical hub of Asia by promoting Thai health products and Thai medical services. The ministry strategy is to assist in cooperative research, support public relations, assist technical information, and data publications.  

Cosmetic surgery in Thailand

For patients in Thailand, cosmetic surgery is not a new thing. The country has a reknown history of offering these procedures at high-quality facilities. Yearly, Thailand receives thousands of visitors from around the world who go there purely for the medical tourism industry. The health care system in the country is known for being advanced and affordable which makes it attractive to medical tourists. Thailand has become known as a destination for affordable cosmetic surgeries performed by doctors who have received their training in Western nations and who are articulate in English, in addition to providing high-quality care.

Strategy, structure, and rivalry of the cosmetic market in Thailand

Thai medical care market situation faces high competition. To build competitive advantages of its clinics and hospitals, private clinics and hospitals have dumped money to invest in new technology equipment, places, human resources, and facilities.

A cosmetic surgery service is a medical option that aims for a specific group of customers. This surgery service for foreign patients is a new high potential market channel for clinics and hospitals. Cosmetic surgery destinations are competing with cost-effective, high-skill surgeons, interesting places, and activities for premium service and tourism. Advanced technology like body jet liposuction, also known for  ดูดไขมัน body jet, has raised Thailand to gain more attention from customers than competitors. When it comes to sex reassignment, besides the low price of the surgery, Thai surgeons do not require documents such as psychological evaluation which can take up to six months, as the western countries.

In Asia, the trend of retaining youth look has been in culture for a decade that is why the Thai aesthetic industry claimed to be one of the specialists in developing surgical techniques to serve needs. Also, the price in Thailand is rather reasonable compared to other countries a fact from doctors interviewed. The technology of cosmetic surgery in Thailand is one of the best in the world and also, Thai surgeons are well experienced in this field.

Patients combine vacation with beauty surgery when they visit the country.  

The cosmetic market in Thailand 

Among the Southeast Asian countries, the color and skin care cosmetic products sectors in Thailand are the largest. The Thai cosmetics market has been invested largely by major international brands. To establish Thai cosmetics and skincare products in other markets, much effort has also been put into developing and expanding the domestic brands and production. Social media influencers have promoted new brands for such products from current trends. Influencers have become an important marketing platform for cosmetic brands because of promote these products heavily on their social media accounts. By tapping into this resource, the Thai cosmetics market could ensure continuous growth and maintain healthy market performance.