Bathrooms are challenging spaces to organize, especially on a budget. If, however, you’re prepared to put in the effort, you really can get that home-spa feeling in even the tiniest space. With that in mind, the bathroom experts at have offered us their top 10 bathroom-organization hacks.

Think before you shop

There’s a lot to be said for making sure you never run out of what you need, particularly in a bathroom. At the same time, you need to balance this against filling your bathroom to overflowing. If you’re short on space, then you really do need to focus on stocking your bathroom with essentials. If you really want extra supplies, keep them in another room.

Try to buy dry products as much as possible. These take up much less storage space than the equivalent liquid product. For example, a bar of solid soap and a bar of solid shampoo together will take up less space than an equivalent amount of either liquid soap or liquid shampoo.

Invest in a shower stool

A shower stool will, effectively, take up no extra space in your bathroom because you will literally keep it in your shower. If you don’t want to use it when you’re having a shower, then you can just take it out temporarily. It won’t need its own space, you could even just put it on your toilet.

The reason why a shower stool helps with organization is that a high-quality shower stool will also work as a step stool. This will allow you to make better use of your walls. If you have space, you could also add a storage seat. Just keep in mind that storage seats are generally unsuitable for use as step stools, at least by adults.

Use picture ledges when you’ve no space for shelves

Picture ledges are really useful for squeezing the last bit of storage space out of your bathroom. What’s more, if you’re renting, you can usually put them up with adhesive pads. Technically, this will probably reduce the amount of weight they can hold. In practice, you’re probably only going to be using them for small (light) items, so it probably won’t make any real difference.

Create more storage space into your shower

If you only have a shower then you’ll have a shower cubicle. It’s almost always possible to put a tension rod in it. Add some S hooks and you suddenly have a whole lot more storage space in your shower. 

If you have an over-bath shower and you can drill, then you can use a towel rail in the same way. If you can’t drill, then, it’s back to adhesive pads. Hang a waterproof shower basket over them and, again, you have a whole lot more storage. Just remember to be a bit careful about the weight.

Get maximum value from your doorway

Don’t just use your door. Use your whole doorway. The space right above a bathroom door is often ideal for a shelf. In fact, putting a shelf here may actually give you the storage space you need to be able to keep extra products, supplies, and even tools in your bathroom.

Also, make effective use of the back of the door. It’s an obvious place to put hooks for robes. If, however, your bathroom is really small, you might find it better to use an overdoor organizer for items you use more frequently. Do not, however, use your bathroom door for wet towels (or robes). This can actually damage the wood. Instead, use a towel rack. Here’s a great article for more information: 7 Best Bamboo Towel Rack That Would Look Good in Your Bathroom. Published by Mizu Towel, this article will introduce you the world’s best bamboo towel racks that will give a unique look to your bathroom.

Remember your cistern

You may not like the idea of using your cistern for storage. After all, it’s literally on your toilet. It’s true that you do need to be a bit careful about what you put on your cistern. You also need to ensure that you can remove the items easily if necessary. 

With all that said, however, your cistern is a surface so it makes sense to use it. Stick to robust items (like toilet paper) and put them in an attractive container. If it makes you feel more comfortable, add a lid.

If your toilet is against a wall, then add extra shelving here too. Just make sure that you put it high enough that nobody is going to bump their head on it. You could use the “head-space” for decor. Alternatively, if space is really tight, you could use it for a pegboard. 

Bring your cutlery holder to your vanity

Cutlery holders are great for long, thin items like toothbrushes, tubes of toothpaste, many creams, combs, and some hairbrushes. If you have any space left over, you can fill it up with small items like hairpins and ties. You can put them in loose so you can grab them quickly while still keeping them corralled.

Fake a vanity if you don’t have one

If you have a pedestal sink, then use the space on either side of the pedestal for shelving. If you have a wall-hung sink, then baskets with lids are your best option. Ideally, the insides of the baskets should be waterproofed. If they’re not, then try to put everything in a waterproof container.

If you’re concerned about this making your bathroom look cluttered then consider adding curtains around the base of your sink. All you need is a flexible tension rod and some lightweight curtains (e.g. sheers).

Put a lazy Susan on your counter

Lazy Susan’s are often used in kitchens but they’re great for the whole home, especially the bathroom. If you get one with two layers, then you can really max out the storage space on your counter. 

The key trick is to put larger items in the center of the tray and smaller ones at the front. This helps to maintain stability while still allowing the lazy Susan to turn. It also makes it easy for you to see what you have.

You can also use lazy Susans in cabinets. This might not, however, be the best option for tiny bathrooms. The fact that lazy Susans are circular means that you’re always going to be giving up a bit of storage space.

Steal a little space from your hallway

If you can, put some kind of storage unit just outside your bathroom. This can be a great way of keeping bathrooms free of clutter but still having everything nearby.