Fish table game is always an entertaining game and is welcomed by many players. However, not every player can win the fish table game versions, because players not only have luck but also skills. Here are a few useful tips for players participating in the online fish tables:

1. Use enough bullets for each fish species

For each fish species they will correspond to a number of bullets. If the fish gets enough bullets, the fish will die. This is an extremely simple and highly effective strategy. Players should remember that ammo is purchased with real money so players cannot waste ammo.

If the player uses more ammo, they can kill larger sized fish. It is important for players to keep in mind the number of bullets corresponding to each fish. This is a trick handed down from experienced players.

2. Use the mustache technique

If the player does not have much experience, it is more risky for the player to hunt big fish. Although small fish have a less than ideal bonus, many small fish adding up the bonus amount will be extremely attractive. Players are also not too difficult when hunting small fish, the amount of bullets that need to be invested is also small.

When the player applies the mustache technique, the player needs to consider the slow, continuous rotation of the barrel. The player shoots one or 2 to 3 bullets in a row for the big fish.

If the player shoots the bullets and they go astray, the player will not earn any bonus points, otherwise they will waste money. Players should make the most of the small angle of the shooter, make sure the two bullets are not in the same direction and rotate the barrel. That way the player can minimize the loss.

The advantage of this method is that it gives players more opportunities to catch fish, the player’s bullets will go in many directions and they can shoot many fish.

3. Increase bullets gradually

Through each round, the difficulty level will gradually increase. Players will also have access to larger fish. Then the player needs to focus on the fish as much as possible, gradually increasing the ammo level to improve the ability to successfully kill the fish.

4. Learn and Apply Algorithms

Longtime players often consider using algorithms to improve their chances of winning. Depending on each case, the player will adjust the algorithm, the bullets used and limit the probability of death. When players are aware of the information, profits will come to them.

The algorithm is as follows: Player’s bullets rank from 1 to n. Bullet 1 will kill number 2, 4 and 30. Bullet 2 will kill 3 and 9, bullet 3 will kill number 6. The player must set a goal and execute it in the correct order, consistent though There are no unexpected events that do not change. The more fish die, the higher the chances of a player winning.

5. Stick to your own budget

Each player will have their own budget and they have to stick to it. Depending on the case, players use the amount so that they are flexible and do not bet blindly. New players often do not follow the budget, they are easily tempted to lead to capital loss after each play.

Before joining the fish table game, players need to limit their participation time, which means how much money they need to spend for each game. When the player determines the ability to pay, the player must participate in accordance with the requirements set out.


Hopefully with the above information, players can successfully apply, kill many fish and receive attractive rewards. Good luck players!