What Are the Odds?

The odds are a numerical indicator used by all bookmakers’ offices to indicate the benefit a player will obtain if he wins a stake. It can be said that the odds in any form are a benchmark to look at before placing a bet. When looking at different bookmakers, you may notice that the odds for the same events, including cricket match odds, differ. This may be due to either the fact that the bookmaker charges different commissions for the services provided, or that he estimates the probability of winning teams differently.

Types of Odds

Depending on the bookmaker, different types of odds may be presented on its events. There are a total of 3 main types of odds, which you can find on the Internet. If you are going to bet, then in order for this activity to bring you pleasure and you do not have any difficulties, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with each of the types of odds. Each of them will be described in more detail further on in the article.

Fractional Odds

The type of coefficients occurs quite often. The easiest way to understand how these odds work is to use a simple example. Suppose the odds are 3/1 or 3-1 (this type of odds can be recorded in two formats), in this case with a bet of 100 rupees your winnings will be 300 rupees (100 of your rupees before bet + 300 from bet).

Decimal Odds

The simplest kind, which can be understood even intuitively. You can find these odds everywhere, they are very common. Let’s look at an example. Let’s assume that two teams are playing and one of them has odds of 1.3 and the other has odds of 3. In this case with a bet of 100 rupees on one team, your winnings will be 130 rupees(100 of yours before bet + 30 from bet), and if you bet on the second team, your winnings will be 300 rupees(100 of yours before bet + 200 from bet). As you have already noticed, to see the final result, you just need to multiply your bet by the offered odds.

Money Line Odds

The rarest and most complicated type of odds. It is either with a – sign (if we are talking about the odds on the favorite) or with a + sign (if we are talking about the favorite). The higher the difference in the odds, the greater the gap between the numbers given after the sign. Let’s take an example again. For team 1 you give odds +200, and for the other -500, if you bet on team 1 your 100 rupees, you can win 300 rupees (your 100 + 200 from the bet). And if you suddenly want to bet on the favorite, you have to risk your 500 rupees to get 100 rupees.

Bookies With the Best Cricket Match Odds

As you may have guessed, the coefficient is a very important factor that you should always pay attention to. For this reason, if you decide to choose a regular bookmaker, it is important that the odds they offer for all events are as great as possible. To not waste a lot of time and do not understand it yourself, below are the best bookmakers in this direction.


In addition to high cricket match odds, you will also find a nicely designed official website and a specially designed app for users of the bookmaker, which can be used by both iPhone and Android users.


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It is a proven and reliable bookmaker, where you can register in just a couple of minutes. In addition, you will get the opportunity to bet on all events, both the biggest and the smallest.


The bookmaker is focused on the Indian audience and offers a huge number of features in addition to high odds. You can deposit and withdraw funds using a large number of payment systems.

Are the Odds the Main Indicator to Pay Attention to When Betting?

If you have already chosen a bookmaker to bet on, all you have to do is choose the specific match and the type of bet on which your money will be placed. All big bookmakers offer the opportunity to bet on almost all events and have the ability to offer a very large number of different types of bets, so the only thing you should look at is the odds. For this reason, it is recommended to treat this matter with maximum responsibility and choose in advance the bookmaker whose odds could compete with those offered by competitors.

The Ratio of Types of Bets With Their Odds

Not every type of betting has similar odds, and as we have already seen, the odds play a huge role when betting, so it makes sense to talk about the bets you can get the most profit by choosing. Below you can see a few of the types of bets for which bookmakers often offer very good odds, but do not forget that often high odds are accompanied by high risks.

  • Match Winner

Here the odds are always different, because the teams that meet may be very equal or completely different levels of play. It often happens that the bookmaker underestimates a team and gives it very good odds (5 or even more), and this team shows its best and wins. Try not to lose sight of such matches and put on nice odds.

  • Tied Match

Cricket is a game in which, often at the end of a match, each team scores a fairly large number of points. From this, you can understand that the situation in which both teams score the same number of points is quite rare. This is related to the very high odds that bookmakers offer on this outcome. In case you like to take a risk, you can bet on a draw with odds often reaching a value greater than 10.

  • Top Batsman

For your bet to win, in this case, you need to choose the player you think will be the best batsman. If you consider that there are a lot of players who make up the team, you can understand that it is very difficult to do this, and for this reason, the odds will be large. Before making a bet, you can always look at the statistics, which make it easier to predict the outcome of this bet.

  • Tournament Winner

Before the start of each tournament, most bookmakers give you the opportunity to predict the team that will win that tournament. Almost every tournament is a big event and has a large number of teams participating. For this reason, you can get very good odds even on the favorites, not to mention the underdogs.


Why Is Cricket Betting So Popular?

This is due to a number of factors, one of which is the enormous popularity of cricket as a sports discipline in a country with more than a billion people, of course, we are talking about India. In this country, there are a lot of people who like not only to watch their favorite discipline but also to bet. On this basis, a large number of bookmakers focus on the Indian audience and offer them various bonuses on events from the world of cricket.

Is It Difficult to Bet on Cricket if I Am New to Betting?

In cricket betting, as in betting on any other popular discipline, there are a huge number of different types of bets. Based on this, you can focus on the bets that seem easiest and most straightforward to you, and as your experience increases, you can try more complex ones. If you are just starting to bet, you are advised not to bet very large amounts and not to chase high odds.

How Are the Odds Set?

This question varies from one bookmaker’s office to another. But as a rule, an analysis of the match makes a ratio of risks, based on which the odds are set. Then the bookmaker’s office charges a percentage for providing services and displays the final odds. As for the odds in the live format, the bookmaker’s office has much less time for analysis there and it can be used when betting on large numbers.