Who was Theron Duncan?

Theron Duncan, 53, lived in Houghton Michigan. On Monday evening, there was a devastating shooting at Douglass House Saloon which claimed Duncan’s life. Although many in Houghton may not know much about Duncan and his personal and family lives, his untimely passing has had an immense effect on all residents living within Houghton’s boundaries.

What happened in downtown Houghton?

A horrific tragedy occurred in Houghton on a Monday night. Theron Duncan, a local man who was recently killed in the bathroom of Douglass House Saloon, sparked fear in this small town about safety and violence. Houghton was shocked by this tragedy.

How did Theron Duncan die?

Theron Duncan’s life was tragically ended by gunfire, in the bathroom of a saloon he frequently frequented in town. The exact circumstances are unknown; however, this tragedy still occurred.

The Suspect: Evan Dixon, Who is he?

Evan Dixon, age 59, has long been recognized for his legal practice in Houghton’s courts. Tri-County Public Defenders agreed to represent him during his arraignment despite claims from Evan that legal representation could not be afforded due to financial circumstances.

What are the charges against Dixon?

Dixon faces serious legal ramifications for his actions and stands accused of premeditated first-degree murder as well as possessing weapons during criminal activity. If proven true, these charges can result in a life sentence behind bars.

What happened during an arrest?

Dixon’s distress was evident at his arraignment in front of Judge Nicholas J. Daavettila. The charges he read brought him to tears, and underscored how serious this situation was. Judge Daavettila, recognizing a conflict of interests arising from previous professional interactions between Dixon and himself, recused himself from any further proceedings against Dixon.

Conflict of Interests in Legal Representation

David Gemignani was initially David Dixon’s lawyer. However, the two recognized that they had a conflict due to their friendship and being colleagues. They therefore needed to find an external attorney to ensure Dixon received impartial legal advice.

What about the motive?

The motive of the shooting is still unclear, and those who are following this case are eager to learn more.

Community response to the aftermath

Houghton residents were deeply affected by Duncan’s tragic death and came together to create a small memorial outside Douglass House in his honor. This was done as a way to express our sorrow and show solidarity.

What is next in the legal proceedings?

The initial examination of Dixon is expected to take place within 21 days. It will be an important step in Dixon’s legal proceedings and could provide more clarity about what happened and how it ended.