Dave Courtney is a name that has become synonymous with London’s criminal underworld. He went from being a deeply entrenched criminal to an acclaimed writer and sought-after celebrity. His story, which is filled with controversy, brushes with the death and notorious associations, tells a tale of redemption, resilience and undeniable charm.

Who was Dave Courtney?

David John Courtney was born in Bermondsey on February 17, 1960. He is an infamous figure for his criminal activities, both inside and outside of the law. Courtney grew up in London’s roughest neighborhoods and was attracted to the power and allure of the criminal world. It wasn’t his criminal activities that made him famous; it was the ability to weave stories around them and draw listeners and reader into his shadowy world.

Courtney’s tales took on a life of their own as books. Six books bearing his name have been published, each retelling a chapter from his life filled with intrigue, danger and unbelievable moments. Courtney was not content with writing words. He also ventured into celluloid and produced and acted in films, often drawing inspiration from his life or that of people he knew well.

When did Dave Courtney die?

It’s claimed that in a shocking twist, the man who lived on the edge of society met his untimely demise by himself. Manny Clark’s Facebook post causing a stir on the internet suggested that Courtney died as a result from a self-inflicted shot. This claim is surrounded by many theories, speculations and reasons. But the truth remains a mystery.

Dave Courtney age

Dave Courtney was 64 years old when he allegedly died. Born in 1959, Dave Courtney lived through a time of tremendous change in both the wider world and the narrow streets of London’s criminal scene.

Dave Courtney net worth

Dave Courtney has carved out a niche for himself through his books, films and other endeavors. Idolnetworth reports suggest that he has a net worth of 30 million dollars. Was it all due to his literary and filmic pursuits or did his past shadows play a part? This is still a hotly debated topic.

Dave Courtney The Wife

Courtney’s love life was often intertwined with his more notorious exploits. He married Jennifer Lucrea Pinto a beautiful woman he met while she worked at the nightclub that he owned. Their marriage was not without controversy. Courtney was accused of assaulting Pinto in 2004, but he was acquitted and the details remain murky.

Career and Achievements

Courtney had many talents, beyond the criminal undertones of his life. He wrote six books that each took a look at a chapter in his life, which most people would find unimaginable. He also had a knack for storytelling on the big screen. He produced and acted as a lead in several films. The most notable was “Hell To Pay.”

It wasn’t only his professional achievements that grabbed the attention of the media. Courtney’s purported association with Reggie Kray, Lenny McLean and others added to his mysterious persona.


Courtney’s literary journey was marked by titles like “Stop The Ride, I Want to Get Off”, and “F**k the Ride”. Each book opened a window to a world that few knew about and even fewer ventured into. His literary success was complemented with his venture into acting. His acting skills were showcased in films like “Triads, Yardies and Onion Bhajees”, “Killer Bitch”, and other entertainment classics.

Dave Courtney led a life of remarkable turmoil and he was never able to falter. From London’s streets to the pages of books or scripts, his legacy is fascinating. His name will not be soon forgotten.


  1. Who Was Dave Courtney?
    Courtney, an ex-London criminal, has transformed himself into a celebrity, author, actor and narrator of his fascinating past experiences.
  2. How did Dave Courtney Die?
    Manny Clark’s Facebook post implied that Courtney died from a gunshot he had self-inflicted.
  3. What was Courtney reported net worth?
    Idolnetworth reported that Dave Courtney has a net worth of $30 million. This is based on his various business ventures.
  4. Who is Dave Courtney’s spouse?
    Courtney married Jennifer Lucrea Pinto. He met her while she was working at the nightclub that he owned.
  5. Has Dave Courtney ever made a film?
    Courtney has produced and acted as a lead in several films, including “Hell To Pay,” which shows his versatility.