A chicken nugget resembling an In Our Midst Crewmate based in the BTS combo meal by McDonald’s, which is listed for $1000 on eBay. This means the In Our Midst crewmate-formed chicken nugget can be obtained for purchase on eBay for any pretty hefty amount.

Someone found the rare eat the BTS-inspired meal by McDonald’s, adding some pop-culture value and also the exclusive nature from the product.

The alluring snack inclusion within the combo meal has attracted your eyes of numerous shoppers within the U . s . States, and lots of are searching for the cost of In Our Midst Formed Nugget.

A Couple of Words about In Our Midst

In Our Midst may be the social deduction game that required the gaming world by storm throughout the lockdown brought on by the worldwide pandemic. The game play connects players to some strange world and assigning them the random role of imposter and crewmate.

The previous player’s role would be to complete the random tasks and discover the imposters within the spaceship prior to getting detected and wiped out by opponents. The sport is becoming very popular that the seller on eBay known as Polizna found the In Our Midst Formed Nugget within the BTS-inspired BTS combo meal of McDonald’s.

As reported by the listed photo, the only round chicken nugget comprises two stumpy legs at the end, and also the nugget appears like the form of the In Our Midst crewmate. However, the crazy factor concerning the nugget would be that the cost is simply too high. The BTS combo meal with nugget chicken can be obtained in a whopping cost of $1396.

However, the cost was dropped if somebody complained the shipping was an excessive amount of. The chicken nugget is now offering 130 watchers and received over 500 views in an hour.

What’s In Our Midst Formed Nugget?

Selling real estate discovered a chicken nugget resembling a crewmate of In Our Midst game within the BTS-inspired meal of McDonald’s, also it was listed for purchase on eBay for more than $1396. It’s the simple chicken nugget that’s formed just like a crewmate from the game.

The vendor believes the nugget is priceless since it resembles a crewmate of In Our Midst game. The outline around the listing confirms two crucial factors concerning the chicken nugget.

•           The chicken nugget genuinely pulled and inspired in the McDonald’s BTS combo meal.

•           There is really a amount of curiosity about In Our Midst Formed Nugget, however the cost continues to be decreased whenever a buyer were not impressed with the shipping charges, that have been excessive.

The product based in the happy meals by McDonald’s are very popular among the fans within the U . s . States.

Where Are you able to Purchase the Chicken Nugget?

Interested buyers can order the chicken nugget online on eBay because it is being offered with a seller known as Polizna. Exactly the same seller confirmed the chicken nuggets come from a BTS combo meal and resembles an egg-like, bipedal shape just like a crewmate from the game.


Many players continue to be wondering and wish to be aware of major catch within the In Our Midst Formed Nugget. However, it’s much more of a meme within the In Our Midst fans community to indicate the crewmate-like shape nugget.

The nugget expires for purchase on eBay, and you may get it in the seller pointed out above.

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