Are you drinking enough water every day? We tend to forget our bodies’ water demand, as it is invisible on our bodies’ surface. But all human tissues and organs need it to function correctly. You might be putting your health at risk by not consuming enough water. There are different kinds of water that you can consume. However, this article is going to focus on structured water. Read on to uncover the hidden structured water benefits.

What is structured water?

Structured water, also known as magnetized Water, hexagonal Water, or vortexed Water, unlike regular water, has a molecular formula of H302. This molecular formula gives it a clustered hexagonal structure. 

The hexagonal clustered structure gives structured water several health benefits compared to regular water. This water has similar properties to unpolluted water naturally found in glacier melt, mountain springs, and other uncontaminated sources. 

How can you turn regular water into structured water?

Regular water can be turned to structured water through several processes, including:

  • The vortexing process magnetizes the regular water, thus imparting the hexagonal structure.
  • Exposure of tap water to infrared and ultraviolet rays
  • Exposure of Water to natural sources of light and heat like the sun.
  • Storing regular water in containers lined with gemstones is also believed to turn it into a structured form.

What are the benefits of drinking structured water?

Staying healthy is more about the quality of water you drink than the quantity you take. Conventional health tips recommend drinking a gallon or more water daily to stay healthy. However, Is it possible to achieve this feat every day for 365 days a year? For most people, the likely answer is no. Furthermore, some structured water proponents believe that drinking a lot of water may be counterproductive. You may end up washing away a lot of valuable nutrients and minerals. Let’s now delve into the health benefits of drinking structured water.

Structured Water is an Energy Booster

The human body is made for optimal functioning. Our bodies are designed to be energized and highly efficient. Unfortunately, the nature of water today is often too “dead” for our bodies to tap into this potential. To re-energize our bodies, we need a water source from which our cells can generate heightened activity. The answer is structured water.

With its hexagonal clustered structure, energized structured water can recharge the liquid battery in your body and nourish every cell with energy-rich oxygen. Having charged cells in your body ensures optimal functioning, reduces fatigue, increases stamina, and keeps you well hydrated.

Structured Water Supports A Healthy Immune System

Drinking quality water goes a long way in promoting health. Your body is made up of around 60% water, so it is integral for you to have enough water to function normally. 

Drinking structured water helps support your immune system by increasing your body’s innate ability to fight illnesses. Since vortex water optimizes your cell’s ability to absorb oxygen, it also enhances the capacity of your cells to utilize available nutrients.

Magnetized Water Offers Optimal Hydration

We all know that water is necessary for our bodily functions. With magnetized water, your body can achieve optimum hydration because the electrical charge it carries helps store energy in our cells, thus reducing the need to consume high amounts of water for total hydration.

Structured water also enables optimum hydrates Fascia, which are fibers found all over your body responsible for irrigating your tissues. Well-hydrated Fascia helps reduce the signs of aging in your body.

Structured water is a new technology that optimizes health by boosting the molecular structure of ordinary H2O. It helps keep our kidneys, muscles, and skin healthy. But did you know that water also helps your organs like the heart, brain, and liver function better?

A Healing Tool

Structured water is more than just water! It’s a healing tool that is pulsed with energy and life force, which immediately transforms your health when you drink it. Thus returning the ‘natural balance” in our body. It can help improve your life in many ways: it may help you lose weight, improve your skin and body’s tone, ease indigestion and constipation, reduce hair loss, stabilize blood sugar, improve memory and concentration, and much more!

When we consider all of the health benefits that structured water offers, it’s somewhat surprising that it isn’t more popular. The benefits are real and tangible, and they start becoming apparent the second you make the change! Notably, like all health impacts, water does need to be consumed regularly for the effects to be seen. Opt for a structured water drink if you want to get the most out of your water.