Medical massages are results-based and focus on addressing specific health or body problems. A trained massage therapist offers this service who uses thorough assessment and unique massage techniques to address the patient’s condition and needs. There are many different types of massage therapies, each one of these massages are based on a specific set of outcomes. So get yourself a massage from rmt Burnaby. With medical massage, patients enjoy relief from various health problems, ailments, and conditions. They also feel more comfortable and enjoy relief from pain.

Medical Massage

Medical massages are often more detailed and comprehensive compared to traditional massages. Medical massages often leverage additional techniques like cupping and other specialized tools to achieve deep-reaching effects. Some medical massage therapists use hyper volt and Zuka to deliver deep tissue stimulation to ease tension and stress. Depending on the patient’s condition, medical massages may also be targeted at relieving pain.

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Most medical massage therapists focus on improving their patient’s range of motion, enhancing their overall health and wellness, and relieving pain and tension. Medical massages also focus on the joints and muscles. The service stimulates the joints and muscles to release scar tissues which, in turn, improves the range of motion in joints and restores the body to its proper state. Those who suffer from knotted fascia can also enjoy fascia stimulation to release the knot, combat pain, and improve range of motion.

Benefits of Medical Massage Therapy

Medical massage therapy offers an array of health and wellness benefits to all. Some of these benefits include;

Decreases Inflammation and Pain

Medical massage therapy offers patients a better chance of dealing with inflammation and pain. Inflammation and pain are usually signs of infections, injuries, and sub-optimal health conditions. Using medical massage therapy techniques, patients can work on the affected areas, thus spreading out the pain and dissolving it. Medical massage therapy has a profound tissue-stimulating effect that boosts immunity and awakens the body’s innate immune response. With increased immune response and functionality, patients stand a better chance of healing faster after an accident or injury.

Deactivates Myofascial Trigger Points

Myofascial release therapy is one of the many aspects of medical massages. With medical massages, patients who suffer tension in their fascia can enjoy deep-tissue massages that release the knots in their fascia and increase their range of motion. If you are suffering from a limited range of motion due to problems with your muscles or fascia, a medical massage therapist can help. These trained professionals begin with a detailed assessment of their patients to better understand the problem and handle it. They then proceed to prescribe the appropriate massage techniques to address the problem.

Helps Digestion 

People who suffer from constipation and digestion-related problems can use a medical massage to ease their bowel movement. Sometimes, bowel movement-related problems may result from tension in muscles and deep tissues in the body. Medical and tantric massage therapists are aware of the areas that need to be worked on to release the stomach muscles.

Calms and Soothes the Nervous System

The nervous system in the body can sometimes be irritated. When irritation occurs, symptoms may range from pain and discomfort to sensitivity, decreased range of motion, and others. All of these symptoms reduce the effectiveness and performance of the patient while also affecting the quality of their lives. Medical massage therapists know these common developments caused by nerve irritations and can help. They can plan deep tissue massages that touch the affected areas, release tension built up in the nervous system, improve range of motion, and restore health and wellness to patients.

Other benefits of medical massages include;

  • Improves Posture and Coordination
  • Prevents future chronic conditions
  • Releases sore and tense muscles
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Massages

What Conditions Can Benefit from Medical Massage Therapies?

Medical massage therapy is perfect for nearly all conditions affecting an individual’s health and wellness. People who suffer pain and discomfort as symptoms of health problems can use medical massages to improve their health. Medical massages are recommended for common conditions like neck pain, back pain, pain resulting from chemotherapy treatments, auto accident-related pain, and more.

What should you look for in a massage therapist?

When choosing a medical massage therapist, look for their license to practice. A licensed massage therapist is trained and is certified to practice in your state or city. Also, look for their reviews to get an idea of what to expect. You can also contact them or visit their website to get an idea of their service pricing. If everything looks good, call them to schedule an appointment and decide from there.