Can’t sleep at night because of heat waves? You are not the only person. Many people around the globe have the same problems during summer. There is a way to get relaxed, calm, and good night sleep by installing an air conditioner, but it will cost you more money while paying the electric bill at the end of the month.

So here are some tried and tested tips for you to stay cool while sleeping.

Tried And Test Tips To Stay Cool While Sleeping

Use Of Cotton

Cotton is the best choice to stay cool at night. Maintain your body temperature while sleeping. Make sure that pajamas, bedsheets, and undergarments should be made of soft and fluffy cotton during hot days. All these fabrics are lightweight and sweat soak materials to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Avoid Tight Clothing

Tight fabric clothes can reduce the amount of airflow to your body all night which can cause rashes, irritations and might increase your body temperature while sleeping.

Research shows that wearing tight fabric clothes at night can affect your melatonin production (melatonin is a hormone which is produced by the pineal gland), and this can cause an impact on your sleeping cycle. If your body’s circadian rhythm is off, then it can affect your sleep quality.

Enjoy Your Relaxing Shower Before Bed

Before going to bed shower is a great way to relax your mind and body. It can help you with a good night’s sleep. A few minutes of rain is good for skin and hair and can increase your immunity and circulation, but water should be in-room temperature if it is cold. It can trigger the body heat system.

So after taking a shower lying down in bed, you will feel cozy, comfortable and relaxed. Research shows that after taking a shower within 10 minutes, you can fall asleep. So before sleep, make sure to try to take a bath.

Using A Cooling Pillow

There are lots of methods available for a fantastic, calm, comfortable sleep night. One of them is using the cooling pillow; this pillow contains a water bag or gel inside each of them, which will help you transfer your body heat into the gel or water bag. Which helps you maintain your body temperature during summers. These pillows are available for both adults and kids. So if you want to maintain your body temperature and do not want to spend more money on the electric bill, use this method to get a good night’s sleep.

For having a better sleep, you must also see that you keep your blankets and duvets covered so that they don’t have any sort of dirt accumulated on them. Duvet cover is a fabric pouch that covers and protects your duvet and is either zipped or buttoned.

Invest In A Fan

Fans are one of the choices to cool yourself. These are readily available in the market, and the price is also reasonable. It will collect the air in the room and throughout the air to maintain your body relaxed, but it also has some cons.

More humidity in air fans will throw you hot air, which is quite uncomfortable and increases your body temperature. To avoid this, I came up with a trick that can help you prevent this kind of situation.

While sleeping between you and the fan, keep a bowl of ice cubes that emit cooler temperature, and the fan will blow that towards you, which can provide you extra cool while sleeping, you can get a good night’s sleep.

Trick Your Body And Mind

During the daytime, close all windows and doors so it will prevent heat from entering your room. This trick can help you maintain the room temperature, and this is one of the ways to trick your mind into feeling cool.

Other than that, use 4-5 ice cubes to rub your body and face to maintain your body temperature, but this shouldn’t take more than 6-7 minutes. It will help you maintain your body temperature, and you can also have a good night’s sleep without worrying about the heat. Use these tricks to trick your mind before sleeping or whenever you feel hot.

Before going to bed, use essential oil to massage your hands and feet. It will help you reduce your stress and cool your body so that you can have a good night’s sleep. But, make sure to handle essential oils with care and not take them orally.

Stay Hydrated

During the summer season, staying hydrated can help you to maintain your body temperature. Drinking lots of water is good during summer because it will help you keep the water level in your body and body temperature.

Staying hydrated can help you to cool down your skin temperature. Other than water, you can also have fruits, and those are watermelons, mangos, and pineapples. These fruits help you to stay hydrated. Now you know staying hydrated can provide you with lots of benefits, so keep that in mind.

Light Meal

Food contains lots of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. While digesting, body temperature can increase, so try to have a light meal before going to bed. A light meal is easy to digest, which helps to maintain your body cool.

One or two hours before bedtime, you should have a light meal that can help you maintain your body temperature and good night’s sleep.

Unplug Different Electronics

Keep that in mind every electronic device is producing heat. Turn off appliances such as cell phones, tv, and tablets to increase your room temperature. Bedroom lights and lamps are producing more heat, so turn off your bedroom lights, and another electronic device will help you cool your room temperature. Turn off every electronic device before going to bed to sleep.

Cooling Technology

A few years back, only a few options were available to cool yourself, and those are air conditioner and cooler, but now lots of cooling technologies are available. And those are the cooling pillow, cooling mattress, bed jet, chill pad cube, more flexible sleep system, and pod. These are the cooling technologies you can invest your money in to help you cool down your temperature while sleeping.


Above mentioned tricks can help you maintain your body temperature while you are sleeping, and these tricks are truly working because these are tried and tested tricks. After you try these tricks, we think you will definitely get good results.