When you come to visit Cancun, don’t omit the first rate possibility to enjoy something that you’ll most likely cherish and don’t forget for the rest of your existence. Come and visit Dolphin Discovery Isla Mujeres and experience our thrilling Swim Adventure program to recognize how super swimming with dolphins can be, possibly a lifestyles changing revel in.

Swimming with dolphins:

You are in for a memorable Swim with dolphins experiences whilst you swim with dolphins. These pleasant creatures are gentle and shrewd, and they like to play. You’ll be able to engage with them in a manner that you by no means concept viable.

Swimming with dolphins is a wonderful way to bond with those terrific creatures. They are very social animals, and swimming with them will let you create a sturdy connection with them.

You’ll also get to study loads about dolphins while you swim with them. These creatures are fascinating, and also you’ll be capable of examining their conduct and behavior.

If you’re searching for a high quality experience, swimming with dolphins is sincerely it. These creatures are sure to satisfy and amaze you, and you’ll in no way forget the reminiscences which you create with them.

You can also enjoy the amazing warm weather of Isla Mujeres and swim in our soothing pool or just loosen up by means of it on our snug lounge chairs. Remember that you could also make your stomach glad by attempting our scrumptious buffet menu and our excellent and clean beverages to be had at our national open bar.

More Information:

Don’t consist of babies under 6 years old for your reservation as they are freed from price; but, make certain to add them inside the remarks phase of your reservation.

All contributors need to be at a minimum 3.9 to perform the snorkel activities.

Children over 4.6 feet may be allowed to participate alone in any of our dolphin applications via paying the grownup rate.

To participate within the Swim Adventure or Royal Swim packages, children over 3.9 feet as much as four.6 feet have to be accompanied with the aid of a paying adult (1 grownup in line with kid).

To participate in the Swim Adventure or Royal Swim packages, youngsters over 3.3 toes and up to 3.9 ft need to be observed by paying adults (2 adults according to child).

Children beneath 3.Three feet will be taken into consideration infants and could perform Encounter sports irrespective of this system in which they participate (its miles a requirement that they in shape the vest).

For safety motives, using cameras in the water is prohibited. Professional photos can be available on the market.

In this application at Isla Mujeres, the most number of human beings in step with the group is 12 to ensure a higher enjoyment.

The use of lifestyle jackets is obligatory in all water applications.

Photo Package is available for the duration of your booking system to your shop cart.

Swim with Dolphins in Cancun

Isla Mujeres is a magical city with a romantic and relaxed atmosphere, with a tremendous herbal wealth, Mayan vestiges and Caribbean subculture; positioned simply 6 kilometers northeast of Cancun. It is good to experience aquatic sports together with diving, snorkeling, boat rides, catamarans and kayaks, zip lines over the sea, game fishing and much extra.

Cancun is a beautiful location with lots to see and do, so that you can revel in your journey even after your swim with dolphins in Cancun. Swimming with dolphins is a completely unique experience which you’ll by no means forget about – add it on your list of factors to do in Cancun.

Swim with and know about the lives of dolphins:

Delight inside the danger to play and communicate with friendly sea life at Dolphin Discovery Isla Mujeres. Tours at Dolphin Discovery Isla Mujeres appear in a sequence of seawater swimming pools surrounded by a beautiful herbal putting of pristine white sand and luxurious green palms. Choose from various excursions, which range from easy interactions to greater energetic reports.

Visitors of all ages can take part within the amusing sports of this famous appeal. The animals are trained and easy with each corporation and individual. The fundamental tour takes you to a submerged platform, in which you’ll stand and get the risk to hug, kiss and shake the fin of a dolphin. Pose for souvenir pix and watch as the dolphins soar out of the pools, play with balls and perform acrobatics.

Experience the thrill of a dorsal tow, that’s whilst you may hold onto the fins of two dolphins and flow throughout the water. Don’t miss the threat of striving for a foot push. This is when dolphins will elevate you out of the pool by your feet and make you stroll on water.