Are you looking to present your children with a fun toy? Do your children love magic tools? What if they were able to create their own pet playtime companion with spells and magic? Does that sound unbelievable? Yes, it’s possible. To find out what it takes, check out this article.

In our write-up today we’ve discussed this review. Magic Mixies Magic Pink Review that kids in Canada and America, the United States, and the United Kingdom are eager to discover and to own. Read this review to find out more.

What is it? Magic Mixies Magic Pink?

Magic Mixies is an interactive toy that includes an ingenuity cauldron as well as special ingredients for making mist. The player must use the wand to tap and repeat spells to allow the magic potion to be transformed to mist, and from which a plush figure called Magic Mixie appears. Magic Mixie appears.

The plush pet is equipped with sensors, and it makes sound and reacts in response to the user’s actions. If you’re considering gifting this to your child take a look at this Magic Mixies Magic Pink Review to help you decide. Children can play with the toy without mist, because there’s an option to switch the play mode.


  • Price:$69.99 (as suggested by the producer).
  • Weight – 2.43 pounds
  • Dimensions:9.25 7.91 x 7.91 8.27 8.27 (inches).
  • Power SupplyOne Lithium battery with 2.96Wh with 3 LR44 batteries.
  • Can be recharged –Yes
  • Age Recommendation:Not under five years old.
  • Components included in the Package –Cauldron with the wand, plush, ingredient, USB Cable spellbook, batteries, and instructions guide.
  • Magic Ingredients the Details Magic Ingredients in Details Dissolvable papers, scrolls of paper single-use fizz, dissolvable soap and vegetable Glycerine.
  • Colors Available:Pink blue and pink (In this article we’ve provided information regarding Magic Mixies’ review of the Magic Mixies Magic Pink Review).
  • RefillsNot included, but sold separately.


Find the positives in this item.

  • Children can exercise their imagination and imagination as they play with this toy, instead of getting glued to their computer or phone screens.
  • The user have the option of refilling and reusing the product.
  • The toy is rechargeable.


Below, we have listed some of the disadvantages of this set.

  • The process of operating this toy is based on electricity and chemicals that could be dangerous in the event that it is not functioning correctly.
  • Since the toy is appealing and appealing, it could result in a dependence among children. This is an important aspect about this review. Magic Mixies Magic Pink Review and parents might reconsider the purchase based on this aspect.

Does Magic Mixies Magic Pink Legal?

If you’re still debating whether you should purchase this toy for your young kids, it’s beneficial to know its authenticity and the manufacturer’s label. The following information will allow you to determine whether to purchase this toy.

  • The Manufacturer’s Brand Name isMoose Toys.
  • Brand Age Brand Age 25 years. The date of website creation is the 30th of May, 1996.
  • brand Trust Score 76%76 percent This score falls into the umbrella of Average Trust Index.
  • Social Media Connection –Regarding the Magic Mixies Magic Pink Review The official website of the company is connected with its Facebook, Instagram and YouTube social media pages which are on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Alexa Ranking –147,107 This is a moderate rank.
  • Contact Information Contact Information for HTML0The website contains valid phone numbers and addresses of its sites in a variety of nations around the world.
  • Customer Reviews Customer Reviews As this website doesn’t sell their products, there aren’t customer reviews available on the site. However the online stores selling the products of the brand have reviews by customers who have purchased it.

Based on the above information In light of the above information, it is evident that the name of the product we are reviewing is legitimate and safe to consume.

Magic Mixies Magic Pink review

The buyers have written honest unbiased, impartial mixed reviews on online platforms for selling the product. The majority of buyers are extremely content with the level of creativity and performance of the product, and have expressed their appreciation on behalf of their children and grandchildren. However certain buyers have stated within their Amazon reviews of Magic Mixiesthat the product can’t be used once the single-use ingredients have been used.

The End Verdict

Based on our research findings about this toy, we believe that it is a good one. Magic Mixies by Moose Toys It is possible to proceed with buying this toy because it appears that the Magic Mixies Magic Pink Reviewis generally positive. But, you must be aware of how to determine the authenticity of the product prior to purchasing it.