By the time your parents had you, they were practicing parents. After negotiating the ground rules with your older siblings beforehand, they were a lot more calm and generous about everything up to the time you were born.

When you tell people you’re the youngest kid, they automatically think you’re too spoiled – everything you were given to grow up, and now you have this false sense of entitlement as an adult. Even though you buy gifts for raksha bandhan for sister and brother from your pocket money, you are still considered young and a child. 

But only the youngest understand the downside of this deal. Before you start thinking that the youngest guys have it all, let’s shed some light on the points that prove it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Here are seven conflicts that only the youngest child can relate to…

You will always be the Younger child

No matter how old you get (18, 28 or 58), you are always a child to your family members. They are always concerned about your safety and security, especially when it comes to late nights. They may never understand that you have really grown up and can take care of yourself. In fact, you will always be hearing stories from your childhood about how naughty and innocent you were. Your whole life boils down to the fact that you were, are and will always be a young child. Period.

Your parents never forget the cute nickname they gave you.

Presumably, when you were born, your mom naturally referred to you as “Nonu Baby” or some other cute name. As you got older, she didn’t feel the need to stop calling you, and now, every once in a while, she’ll give you that name, and you’ll die of embarrassment.

You are always afraid of being attacked

Being the youngest also means being the weakest for most of your childhood. If you were like me, you would live in constant fear of being rude or teased by your older siblings. Whether you forgot to talk to them or forgot to turn off the room lights, or you forgot to do their work, that fear was constant.

You are sibling slave

It is most related. You have to comply with your sibling’s demands; Otherwise they have the power to make your life hell. They can snatch your television remote at any time, blackmail you with pictures of your child, threaten to hide PlayStation, reveal your secrets, or simply punch you. .. endless list. Who says being the youngest is a cakewalk, eh? Is there such a thing as the rights or union of the youngest siblings?

Everything you do is supposed to be annoying

Want to throw a baseball? No, how to get to the park? Definitely not. Maybe a movie? Will you leave me alone?! OK. I’m going to play the piano now. If you touch that sharp thing, I’m going to strangle you. well great. I sit in a corner and then go silent.

When something goes wrong….Its you!

It’s an unwritten rule that whenever something goes wrong (think broken crockery, lost mobile, lost keys, etc.), the youngest person is to be blamed for it. But why? Brothers and sisters use them as scapegoats and do not ask them even once before doing so. Not to mention, parents tend to see little ones as careless and irresponsible. Ahh!

And of course, your life is never yours

You will reach there one day. At least that’s what mom says. However, for now, you are at everyone’s mercy. Your siblings get your chores done when they don’t want to, you have to indulge in any family activity you never get priority (TV, last serving of ice cream, bed option on vacation, etc.), and everything you do is dictated by other people’s terms. As much as you might think, you are not the master of your destiny or the captain of your soul. Those titles belong to your older siblings.

Though you face so many struggles of being the youngest one, there are some perks and benefits too! Like you get lots of love and gifts from your siblings. Your brother or sister buys  you the most expensive gift for your birthday or sends you silver rakhi online ( or the one you like) on Raksha Bandhan. Being a young child isn’t bad, though.