Influencer marketing is the process of finding relevant influencers in your niche and creating a campaign with them. And when it comes to how top businesses and brands are working with influencers on social media these days, it’s all about user engagement and reach.

In this article, we will discuss some methods of finding influencers on Instagram and also analyzing their audience and social following. Using Stories, tagged accounts, hashtags, and Scheduling posts are just a few of the methods we will discuss. And just as important as it is for brands to see real Instagram follower growth, they want to make sure the partners they are working with are doing the same.

Regardless of the type of influencer you are looking to find, these methods will definitely help you grow your account.

Using Stories to Get More Engagement

When it comes to organic Instagram growth, influencers should be aware of the benefits of using stories. Story features allow you to add multiple photos and videos and can be a great way to give followers a behind-the-scenes look at your brand. In addition to increasing brand awareness and engagement, stories are also a great way to share personal insights. In this article, we’ll explore three different ways to use stories to grow your Instagram following.

The most effective influencer marketing strategy uses the power of storytelling to create a more personal connection with followers. Instagram Stories allow influencers to turn regular posts into slideshows and take followers on a tour of the influencer’s day. Stories are more authentic than typical ads because they feel more natural. In fact, the platform has 500 million daily users, which makes them a must-have resource for any marketing strategy. You can try this Intro Maker to create a slideshow for your photos.

Another method to increase Instagram followers is to partner with an influencer. A beauty influencer, for example, can use Instagram Stories to showcase a new product or service. One example is an Instagram influencer, Adri, who recently featured the Jet Lag Mask, a 10-minute mask that can be used for overnight or daytime use. Beauty brands can also leverage Instagram Stories to highlight their latest products or offer discounts to their fans.

IG Stories are also cheap and easy to manage. The content is only live for 24 hours and disappears afterward. Influencers should consider using stories in their marketing strategies as they allow them to be more flexible and approachable. While Instagram is a great platform for influencers, they should be aware that the use of stories may not be right for every brand. For example, a brand might opt to hire an influencer to post a few stories, and this can help boost engagement and brand awareness.

Using Tagged Accounts Works Well

One of the most effective ways to grow your Instagram account is to cross-post similar content to multiple platforms. Cross-promoting can save you time and resources by exposing more people to your content. It also helps increase brand awareness, which can help you grow your Instagram audience. Most of us spend more time on social media sites, and video content has seen the biggest growth. The following are a few ways you can cross-promote on Instagram.

Use hashtags strategically. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, but too many will decrease engagement. To maximize engagement, use hashtags in the first comment and use one of the many tools available, such as ContentStudio. This free tool allows you to schedule your first hashtag comment for a later date. It also allows you to save your top hashtags for easy reference later. Make sure you use relevant hashtags that are easy to find and have a high volume of posts.

Another effective way to grow an Instagram account is through influencer marketing. You can pay micro-influencers to promote your brand. These micro-influencers have a small audience but higher engagement rates. In addition, you can also collaborate with them by sharing their user-generated content. You can also create a branded hashtag and publish a catalog of their content. Then, you can begin reaching out to influencers to collaborate with them.

Another effective way to grow an Instagram account is by conducting giveaways. These can be run on multiple platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. One way to maximize your exposure is by using the right hashtags for the right audience. It is also important to understand the algorithm of Instagram, because if you spam, your account will be suspended. Therefore, experimenting with the hashtag volume and placement will increase your chances of success.

Using Hashtags is Very Effective

Besides creating compelling and engaging content, Instagram growth methods for influencers also require the use of hashtags. Like keywords in SEO, hashtags help influencers find their audience. To search for influencers, you need to focus on high-density hashtags. Searching for them on Instagram is a time-consuming process, since you need to wade through 54 million posts to find relevant posts.

Branded hashtags include a brand’s name, tagline, or slogan. These can be included in most brand posts, but you can also use them in user-generated content. Location hashtags can include a shopping mall or city. This can be useful for local businesses. For example, Merrick White used #Allswell during her Mother’s Day promotion. And you can use location hashtags to attract local audiences.

The main disadvantage of using too many hashtags is that you will be caught up in spamming activity by Instagram’s algorithm. Use hashtags that have relevant to your content and your followers’ interests. Otherwise, you’ll end up with posts that have no visibility at all. You should also use the business profile feature to keep track of the hashtags you use and their results. Once you’ve done this, you should see the impressions that each hashtag has on your account.

In order to use hashtags properly, you must do research on trending topics in your business niche. You can find hashtags related to your niche by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in Instagram and choosing “tags” from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can enter one hashtag at a time into the search bar. This will reveal related hashtags. This way, you can expand your reach and engage your audience. Also, read about Local Digital Business.

Scheduling Posts While You are Sleeping

One of the most effective ways to gain more followers on Instagram is to schedule your posts in advance. This will ensure that you are posting on a regular basis, a key component to increasing your following. Moreover, posting regularly can help you to establish a consistent aesthetic on your profile. By following a set posting schedule, new visitors will become followers more easily, since they will know what to expect from your profile. Moreover, scheduling your posts allows you to streamline your entire publishing process and prevent you from forgetting to post something.

Moreover, scheduling Instagram posts can help you to free up your time. With a good Instagram scheduling tool, you can create a full week’s worth of posts in a few minutes. Instagram users who want to save time will benefit from this feature, which makes them more productive and creative. Moreover, scheduling your posts will let you interact more with your followers. With these tools, you can schedule posts on Instagram to increase your followers.

Another good tool for scheduling Instagram posts is Tailwind. You can schedule posts on the platform, and it has powerful creation and analytics features, including a bio link generator. You can also utilize Buffer Publish to schedule your posts, and it can help save you hours of time and effort publishing on a regular basis. It’s not enough to set aside a schedule to post on Instagram, since your followers are online at different times of the day.

Besides the scheduling tool, you can also use other tools. One such tool is Combin Scheduler, which lets you edit your content before it goes live on Instagram. It also allows you to control the aesthetics of your profile by letting you edit the content. It also allows you to add a location and hashtags. In addition, you can even tag other users. All of this is convenient for those who want to run several accounts on the platform, but lack time.

Using Laterto as a Resource Tool

Using Laterto as an Instagram growth method can be beneficial for influencers. The app allows users to schedule posts to post at optimal times. This can be done by tagging specific hashtags. Posts published with the hashtags you want to highlight will be automatically reposted in a later post. This tool also keeps the original quality of the post intact and adds the handle of the creator. However, it is essential to seek permission from the original creator before reposting their content.