Research has shown that people of all ages fail with projects because of the planning fallacy. 

Whether you want to do a full remodel or change your office entrance, you must prepare for the project. 

If you want to enhance your office, there are a few mistakes you should understand and prevent. 

Continue reading to discover the worst office door replacement mistakes you can make and how to avoid them! 

1. Taking Inaccurate Measurements 

One of the worst office door replacement mistakes you can make is getting inaccurate measurements. 

Office doors are typically custom-made and can’t be adjusted. Taking your office door measurements twice will help ensure that you got the right number. If you want to take additional caution, you can have someone else measure the doorway too. 

You’ll want to measure the inside of the door frame. Take the width and height of the entrance and determine how large each door must be. You can get help from a contractor if you can’t complete this step yourself. 

2. Overlooking Regulations

If you are changing a door on a commercial property, there will be many more regulations to consider. 

The ADA requires businesses to have doorways that are large enough for individuals with wheelchairs to safely enter. There are also fire safety regulations that you’ll need to comply with to prevent the spread of potential fires. 

Home and commercial offices should have security measures in place. Depending on the type of business, cameras and locks can help. If you store confidential info in your office, make sure that no one can access it. 

3. Selecting a Mismatched Door 

Whether you’re updating an interior or exterior door, it must match its environment. 

Wood and glass doors are common for offices since they match most decor and architecture. Take a look at your office and door selection to ensure they will complement each other. 

If you want to add character to your office, Door Accessories are a great option. You can dress your door up to help people feel welcomed in your workspace. Your office door design can be simple, yet still, make a bold statement. 

4. Underestimating the Space Necessary 

Most office doors require space to swing when the door opens and closes. 

If there isn’t enough space for the doors to swing, you may have issues getting in and out. Pay close attention to your doorway layout if you’re in a tight space with little wiggle room. Getting help from professionals is best for these situations so that the measurements and installation don’t go wrong. 

When multiple doorways are near each other, you’ll also want to prevent them from colliding. Make sure your door can only get pushed or pulled from the direction opposite your obstacle. 

To ensure the door will fit, you can also draw the width of the doorframe on paper and place it under the door. Slide the paper in the motion you would use the door to see if it will hit anything. 

5. Installing Cheap Hardware 

Doors are meant to keep people out and provide security, but if the hardware is cheap, they won’t even work.

Not only does cheap hardware look tacky on your office doors, but it can also cause more harm than good. Poor-quality hardware can wear down at a quicker rate and increase the risk of your doors falling off the hinges. 

Take time to invest in high-quality locks, doorknobs, and hinges. The stronger the metal you use, the more secure the room will be. 

6. Forgetting the Trimmings

Have you ever seen a doorway that looked strange and uninviting?

Chances are, it didn’t have moldings around the door. If you’re replacing old doors, don’t forget to add beautiful molding to frame the door and complete the look. Many businesses forget or choose not to install trimmings and later regret it since it can cost them more. 

The door will look tacky if the moldings don’t match. Try to find an appropriate style to make your entryway visually appealing. Compare your options and look for the right size of moldings and get whatever color you want. 

Another reason you don’t want to forget the trimmings is that they serve a helpful purpose. The molds protect the door from damage, saving you money in the long run. 

7. Rushing the Process

Installing a new door may take longer than you expect, but you must remain patient.

Between ordering the products and finding time for the installation team to visit, it might take a few days to get your door replaced. Try to plan and order a door if your seeing signs of damage to the current one or are preparing for a renovation. Getting ahead will ensure the team can get to your office and have the door you want in stock. 

Don’t Make These Office Door Replacement Mistakes

Making these office door replacement mistakes can waste your time and money. 

Whether you’re working from home or in the process of a remodel at your commercial office, a new door can make a difference. Installing a new door can enhance your office’s appearance and help make people feel more welcome. 

If you don’t want to order replacements, you’ll need to get high-quality products. Although they may take time to order, they are worth the investment. 

Don’t forget to take measurements and get help when you need it. An extra eye and hand can prevent you from making a costly mistake. 

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