Home to some of the most spectacular scenery, the USA is loved by travelers and is one of the most recognizable places on the planet. Travelling to the states is most commonly on the top of the list for many tourists. The destination gives tourists a spectrum of choices ranging from world-class cities, history, fun, glamour, adventure, scenic vistas, etc. If you are an adventure lover, then you must plan a trip to the USA. The destination boasts some thrilling adventure activities offering exciting experiences and it may sometimes get your heart racing. For a thrilling experience, we have listed some of the best things to do in USA you must try.

1. Rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders 

2. Indoor Skydiving 

3. Horseback ride in Central Park 

4. Skate park 

5. Kayak Polo 

6. New York Media Boats 

7. White Water Raft down the Hudson River 

8. Fly High with a Helicopter Ride 

· Rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders 

Brooklyn Boulders is a great place for adventure lovers, especially those who love climbing. This activity is fun but challenging as well. You will get one-on-one training at Brooklyn Boulders class, be it climbing or any other fitness activity. Apart from climbing classes they also provide other activity training like Yoga, HIIT, and Boot camp. 

· Indoor skydiving

Some people are scared of heights and jumping from the plane. If you are one of those then thanks to technology, you always have the option of Indoor Skydiving. You can fly and experience the feeling of skydiving in vertical wind tunnels. It is safe for all age groups and is a family-friendly activity. Practically, it is a wind tunnel blowing over 1000 mph winds where you can experience flying a few feet above the ground. Loved by many travelers, Indoor Skydiving is an easy and fun adventure experience.

· Horseback ride in Central Park

If you are looking for a unique experience, you can opt for a Horseback ride in Central Park all year. Horseback riding in Central Park has been a tradition for over 150 years since the park was designed. You can explore the park on horseback for around 1- 2 hours. The birdie paths are designed with packed dirt suitable for horseback riding. Numerous operators organize rides and riding lessons in Central Park. This activity can be done by all age groups and is not fearful as well. 

· Skate park 

If you are a fan of skateboarding, then you must explore skate parks on your USA tour. Skate Parks in the USA are huge and can be found in various states like Texas, Portland, California, Oregon, Nevada, and Massachusetts. Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports activities in America and so you may come across some epic street courses alongside facilities created for skaters. Some of the top skate parks in the USA include: 

· Burnside Skatepark, Portland

· Denver Skatepark, Denver

· Skate Lab, Atlantic beach

· Lincoln City Skatepark 

· Vans Skatepark, Orange, CA

· FDR Skatepark, Philadelphia

· Kayak Polo 

Since the 20th century, Kayak polo games have been played in America. It is a paddle sport played by 5 players in 2 teams in open water. The kayaks used in the Kayak polo game are lighter than the common Kayak as it helps in moving quickly and managing it as well. Kayak polo is also known as Canoe Polo. NYC Kayak Polo is one of the largest Kayak Polo clubs and consists of 400 members. Try your luck to witness in sport or may participate a little. 

· New York Media Boats 

The New York City skyline is like no other and is admired by everyone. Imagine taking a ride on the New York Media Boat and enjoying the view of the New York Skyline. New York Media Boat is the same boat on which new agencies cover breaking news. It takes you closer to the popular landmarks and shares updates on approximately 40 sights on the local waterways. If you are fond of photography, then you will get to capture plenty of amazing views. Famous landmarks will get a close-up of the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, Chelsea Piers, Ellis Island, Battery Park, the FDNY Fireboat Station, Governors Island, South Street Seaport, etc. 

· White Water Raft down the Hudson River 

The Hudson River is the perfect place to experience white water river rafting, offering 17 miles of thrilling waves. It starts from the Indian River going through the Hudson River George. The experience boasts stunning Adirondack scenery. Hudson River is the longest stretch of whitewater in New York also known as the “Grand Daddy” of the river in New York. If you wish to experience intense white water rafting then the spring season is the best time to offer the wildest waves. In summer and fall, the waves are calmer in comparison. 

· Fly High with a Helicopter Ride 

 Who doesn’t like to enjoy an aerial view from a Helicopter? If you aren’t fearful of heights then you must encounter a Helicopter ride in America. As we know America is widespread and offers numerous spellbound tourist destinations to explore. Likewise, you will get plenty of places to opt for a Helicopter ride and enjoy the endless views all around. Some of the most famous sights to fly high on a Helicopter ride include Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, New York City, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Downtown Chicago, Orlando theme parks, and many more. 

So, the above was the list of some of the top adventures you can opt for on your USA Group Tour Package. Along with stunning places to visit in the USA, these adventure activities will add some fun and thrilling elements to your trip with your family. So prepare to get out of your comfort range and partake in these not-really frightening adventure experiences in America.