When a newborn child comes into the world, they spend more time wrapped up in blankets. From eating, sleeping, and riding in the car seat to hanging out on the floor, babies and blankets go hand in hand. It’s why it’s important to choose a baby blanket with name Australia. You need a blanket that is useful, safe, and comfortable. Here, you will get tips on getting the right blankets for your child. 

Be keen on the blanket material used

The material is a bigger deciding factor when choosing a blanket for your child. The blanket needs to be breathable to prevent your child from sweating at night. You can also buy a baby blanket for your child online from Domiamia as they have a huge variety of baby products to choose from. You can check out the soft cotton fabric that is easy to clean and wash. A light and comfortable blanket is ideal for your baby in the summer season. In cold seasons, you need to have a heavier blanket to keep the child safe from the harsh weather.

The blanket material should be gentle on sensitive skin. It should also be breathable to make sleep comfortable. How can you test if the blanket is breathable? It’s simple, hold the blanket next to a fan. Feel the breeze through that blanket, and then the material is breathable. Organic cotton is a good breathable material. You should avoid any synthetic material at all costs. 

Consider safety as a priority

Soon after birth, a child starts to explore the world using the toes, mouth, and hands. The baby blanket that you will choose shouldn’t have any ribbons. It shouldn’t also have tassels fringe or lose things that a baby can tug, wrap on hands or insert in the mouth. The blanket shouldn’t have big holes in the knitted or crocheted pattern. The holes make babies get their fingers and toes trapped.

Go for the right size

A baby blanket needs to be big enough to wrap a baby well. It shouldn’t have extra fabric as it can easily tangle the baby inside. On the other side, very small blankets aren’t fit for babies as they grow faster to exceed the size. A good blanket should be between 45″ to 60″ for you to be able to use it for swaddling. It allows the baby to swaddle on the ground and decorate the nursery. 

Select the long-term quality

People buy most baby blankets as vital tools to have around. You can use a baby blanket as a cherished heirloom in many scenarios. Nobody knows the baby that will latch on to like their favorite. You need to consider long-term quality in any blanket you intend to buy. You need to choose a blanket made from sturdy materials. It should feature single solid colors or several colors. The colors should be easy to wash together without the worry of fading or bleeding. You also need to consider a blanket that’s big enough to use as a toddler bedding. 


Make sure you buy a blanket that is appropriate for the prevailing season. Heavier blankets are for the winter, while their light counterparts are for summer. When going for the winter blanket, don’t select the heavy and soft one. Such a blanket can cause sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). You need to understand your environment and local climate. If you are in a warm environment, you don’t need many thick blankets. If in a cold climate, you will need extra thick blankets. You need to maintain the baby’s body temperature regardless of the prevailing conditions. 

Think outside the blankets box

At times, baby blankets aren’t the perfect option. You can use a sleeping bag as an option too.