Entertaining people in your home always comes with a little stress and anxiety. For most people, simply having everything ready before the party is enough to pull their hair out. And last-minute doubts and worries about details are enough to send most people over. Planning your party doesn’t have to be like this, however. Here are ten tried and tested tips to help you plan the best party with the least amount of pre-party stress possible.

Tips to follow

Tip #1 The best thing you can do for yourself is to write a main party shopping list and a list of things to do in your home before the party date. Get a calendar and take some time shopping and cleaning your home.

Tip #2 Listen to the help of your spouse or children in the cleaning process and reject your home for the party.

Tip #3 When your guests arrive they’ll need a place to hang their coats and tuck their wallets away. One of the easiest things you can do is clean your hall closet so it can use it. If there’s a lot in there then you should either find him a new home or keep it in a box until your party is over.

Tip #4 As you shop, think about sending the leftovers home with your guests if you want, then get some inexpensive containers that you can send the food home in and not worry about yours Get plates or bowls back on a date later.

Tip #5 It’s also good to plan enough leftovers from your party so that you don’t have to cook or prepare food the day after your party. Let’s face it, the day after your party you are exhausted and no longer have to cook. You can relax and enjoy the day with your family.

You should also not forget these ones

Tip #6  If you go to the store to buy durable products for your party, you can leave them in the grocery bags until the day before the party. Instead of unpacking everything and storing it in your closets where people might mistakenly eat it, you can just leave everything in the bags and keep them in a secluded place until the day before the party.

Tip #7  If you’re having an evening party over the Christmas period, you may want to meet up with your friends beforehand and arrange a cookie swap. This way you can offer your guests tons of different cookies even though you only had to make one type of them.

Tip #8 If your guests are looking to sip wine, it is a good idea to have some inexpensive wine glass tags that will allow them to know which one is yours at all times and prevent them from using too many glasses. Put the charms on before the party. to save time serving drinks to your guests.  

Tip #9 One of the best things to do while planning your party is asking other people to bring food or drinks. Oftentimes people ask what to bring and you have to make their offers. Budget for your party, but it also allows you to spend less time cooking and more time with your guests.  

Tip #10 If you have kids at the party: Having an outdoor playset installed to surprise your kids will make you the hero of the day. Outdoor Playsets with swingsets and slides can become the center of the party. Especially when more than 3 or 4 kids can play there at the same time. If you have any other tips let us know more about them and we will