The current Andrew Huang Space tweet has produced a buzz among his fans within the Uk, Canada, and also the U . s . States.

Andrew Huang needs no introduction because he may be the popular Toronto-based video and music composer and producer by having an the likelihood of working within self-enforced limitations.

The background music producer required the social networking, especially his Twitter handle, to talk about a tweet mentioning that he’s tweeting from space. Right after the tweet began trending on Twitter, all fans began asking them questions and commenting onto it.

The tweet states, “Hello, I’m Tweeting from Space.” The tweet was launched on 19th March 2021, a couple of hrs ago.

What’s Andrew Huang Space Tweet About?

Andrew Huang may be the Toronto-based music composer and producer along with a prolific and versatile music performer with more than 2000 songs in the name in various genres. He’s globally acclaimed for his musicianship’s strange achievements that helped him carry the attention well over 1.9 million subscribers and thoughts about his YouTube funnel.

Andrew Huang lately published a tweet through his Twitter handle. Right after the tweet began circulating online, all his fans got crazy to find out more in the song producer. The tweet states, “Hello, I’m Tweeting from Space.”

The tweet was published a couple of hrs ago, on 19th March 2021. All his supporters and fans need to know much more about the Andrew Huang Space tweet.

Do you know the Reactions of individuals?

Following the music performer published the tweet on his tweeter handle, all of the supporters begin to question the music performer about is encounters in space.

Within their replies, a few of the supporters asking the music performer concerning the weather in space, although some continue to be within the condition of confusion and wish to know whether it’s real or simply an easy tweet. Many people contemplate it the greatest flex as there is nothing confirmed if the tweet is real.

The tweet has received over 2100 likes, 16 quote tweets, and 73 re-tweets in seven hrs.

May be the Tweet Real or Fake?

There’s no confirmation if the music performer is tweeting from space, as quoted within the tweet, or perhaps is doing the work for entertainment.

We’ve evaluated the Andrew Huang Space Tweet on the internet and found no information apart from the followers’ replies and comments. The tweet is real because it is published around the musician’s Twitter handle, but there’s no confirmation if the music performer is actually tweeting from space or making fun online.


Celebrities will often have huge fan supporters around the globe and just what they tweet or publish on social networking results in a huge buzz among them. Lately, the Toronto-based music performer tweeted that he’s tweeting from space, and shortly following the publish, everybody began questioning whether it’s true or for entertainment. It appears he has tweeted to again promote his old and popular song Space.

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