. Area Rug Outdoor

Outdoor rugs are useful tools for visually anchoring a seating area and giving furniture a larger context, just like indoor carpets are. They give bare feet a nice area to rest and surely up the cosiness. Outdoor carpets, however, are made to resist heavy foot traffic and weather, unlike inside rugs. I regularly hose off my outside rug if it becomes muddy and use a broom to keep it clean. I went with a dark colour to cover up grime and debris while also grounding the lighter accessories and furniture.

2.Outdoor Throw Pillows

Pillows can enhance the comfort of your seating spaces while also creating a warm atmosphere that rivals that of your home’s living room. Outdoor pillows should be composed of weather-resistant fabric and often have lightweight polyester filling. Weather-resistant materials are not waterproof; rather, they will resist sun fading and resist water retention, which could result in mildew. In the rain, my pillows do get a little damp, but they dry quite quickly! When not in use, some individuals opt to store pillows in deck boxes or storage benches.

3. Ambient Lighting

There are many options that are outdoor ready, such as this weatherproof basket-style pendant light from Article. I converted an indoor pendant light into an outdoor light (more on that in a later post!). Make sure to consider whether an outside light requires hardwiring. If you have some sort of rod or beams overhead, it’s not hard to run a conduit to your outside area, but I choose to use a plug-in option because this project was already challenging enough without electrical work.

4. Outside drapes

I initially felt outdoor curtains were a little excessive. On our patio fence, though, there is a lengthy section of slats, and I knew a curtain would be the ideal solution to visually break it up. I’m so happy I took the risk because these curtains bring a whole new level of sophistication—like it’s I had my own beach cabana all to myself for the day. (Except for the beach. Minor specifics.)

5. Wall-Hanging Planters

I made the decision to use plants to provide vertical interest to the space because I didn’t have any outdoor-friendly paintings that I wanted to place out here. These planters were designed with wall mounting in mind. They had mounting holes on the back, so I just hung them on my fence using screws and nuts. Because Silver Falls seem so wonderful and light as they stream down from the planter, I decided to use them to fill my containers.

6. Tabletop ornaments

Tablecloths can be used outside as well as inside. My favourite way to elevate outdoor dining is to add this woven-reed runner. I don’t always leave everything out, but when we go outside I’ll set the runner and candles out to give the area a more upscale vibe. Other fantastic items you may always have on your table include terrariums and planters.

7. Plants in pots

Tall plants, especially those in corners and beside doorways, assist visually fill the area around the furniture. I decided to utilise tropical plants here, and their winter home is a sunny sunroom. Although I’ve discovered that some evergreens can endure an Ohio winter in pots, I was too afraid to give it a shot this year. I really like the concept of separating sections with tall evergreens and big box planters. Maybe that will be the summer project next year.

8. Pit Fires

We made the decision to purchase a propane fire pit rather than using an outdoor coffee table. So far, we’ve enjoyed using it for s’mores, and I anticipate that soon it will significantly improve the ambiance of fall evenings here! Additionally, you may purchase little lava rock and propane bowls to place on coffee or dining tables. You may also get taller side-table-style fire pits if you don’t have room for a big one like mine.

9. Awnings And Outdoor Garden Umbrella

In the heat, shade is obviously appreciated! However, awnings and outdoor garden umbrella also give outdoor spaces an additional ornamental element. Our patio’s seating area could have used a retractable awning, but the quality ones are so pricey. I decided on a freestanding, tilting umbrella that I can move around according to where the sun is shining. Sail shades are also a fantastic idea! The shade they provide is pretty good, but you need to find places to anchor the corners of the sail. However, I adore the allure of an umbrella!

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