There are few feelings in the world compared to riding a motorcycle; it gives a sense of freedom like no other activity. The adrenaline rush, the thrill, the need for speed, and living your life on the wheels are distinct style quotients. A biker can quickly identify with jackets, riding pants, boots, goggles, wristbands, and patches. Bikers have been using custom embroidered patches and other patches for a long time to show their belonging to their particular club, souvenirs of their trips, etc. They are pretty unique to a biker, reflecting their riding history.

Origin of bikers’ custom patches:

The first use of the motorcycle patches can be traced back to the 1920s. American Motorcyclist Association was founded in the same year and used custom embroidered patches on their jackets. Afterward, many different motorcycle clubs were established, and often groups of riders from the same area would ride together at events organized by AMA. They usually sew the group’s name on jackets or other clothes.

In the beginning, most of the clubs used single custom patches featuring only the name of the club with address but with time; they started using different patches for different tasks. It became like the patches we see primarily in scout clubs, a patch earned for each task. The tradition and pride associated with motorcycle clubs and custom patches reflect the same.

Reasons for using custom patches while riding:

●    A sense of belonging and community: Although riding a motorcycle is a thrilling experience, it is also considered a bit dangerous. When riding through the vast planes, rocky mountains, or thick forests, it is safer to do it as a group. The old saying stands correct “there is safety in numbers”; if someone meets an accident, others can provide help. It gives a sense of security and communal belonging by providing a group identity and camaraderie. Everyone is pursuing the same shared love, and custom embroidered patches offer a nice validation of the love.

●    Enriching experience: Being part of a biker club or group is wonderful and enriches the sights you see riding. Every custom embroidered patch adds to the feeling; it commemorates the particular experience. You can build a collection of patches for every ride; they will also enrich your life experience. While riding with the patches, fellow members can recognize you; you can share and learn from each other’s experiences.

●    Memento: Custom embroidered patches act like a souvenir; you can relive those experiences by looking at them. If you don’t like embroidered patches, you have other options like leather patches, PVC patches, chenille patches, woven patches, printed patches, etc. Each patch delivers a different look and feel; leather patches are among the most popular ones among the riders. For life-like photos, you can opt for printed/ photo patches.

Some of the most popular types of custom embroidered motorcycle patches:

●    Round custom patches are suitable and are the most common for leather jackets. These patches help you stand out, and people wear them with layered clothing. You can also wear these patches with sweaters and shirts.

●    Rectangular patches are for people looking for something more exciting and different. The rectangular patches look fabulous with every jacket style, including traditional and bomber jackets. Often bikers sew various rectangular patches to create unique shapes and designs.

●    Triangular biker’s patches are modern, edgy, and look unique. They look good with preppy jackets, and you can use two triangular patches to create a unique design. The pattern seems excellent, worn with a button-downed shirt. Be careful with sewing more than two patches; it can make the thread too thick.

●    Heart-shaped motorcycle patches look cute and sweet, making for a soft look rather than the traditional rugged look. Couples like to wear these and have some emotional phrases on them. It is one of the exciting ways to express your love for riding and your partner.

●    American flag motorcycle patches are the traditional patches bikers have used for a long time. These classic patches give a patriotic look with stars and stripes. You can also choose the vintage-styled flags if you like them.

●    Vintage motorcycle patches are made embroidered with beads or sequin. These patches go well with jackets with preppy designs and also look amazing on leather jackets. You can wear plain colored clothes as sequins look unique with them. 

●    Star-shaped patches are excellent for adding some preppiness to the jackets. These are ideal for beginners, and you can make a statement by picking colors to match the jackets.

●    Script/ text motorcycle patches are one of the most interesting because they have words/ texts on them. They look classy with simple and clean fonts.

●    Skull patches give a gothic look and can be used to distinguish a club from others. These patches are ideal for dark-colored jackets. 

●    Pirate custom embroidered patches are also pretty popular among motorcyclists worldwide. It gives an outlaw look and easily distinguishes your club in the crowd.

Jackets are the most popular apparel to use the custom patches, but you can also use them with:

1.   Vests: You would require thicker vests to use the custom embroidered patches for stitching to be intact.

2.   Caps and hats are the second most popular places to put customized patches after jackets. Your club’s name will always be in front of people.

3.   Travel Bags and other accessories are lovely for custom patches creating memories of the trips.

4.   Jeans are one of the most popular places for custom patches. You can use different patches for different jeans.

5.   Boots are one of the unique places you are likely to see patches, but using them will give your club members a different look.

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