The year of confinement changed many habits including new ways of making video sex call services on sites like Simpleescorts or Oklute, besides taking away our desire to do many things, and the return of a normality, even if it is scarce, opens hopes to recover a life in which isolation will be the enemy to avoid and the hopes of connecting with someone one of the goals to achieve. “The situation we have lived through has been quite traumatic and stressful for a large part of the population. However, we see how little by little there is going to be a sexual renaissance that will allow us to regain our self-confidence. From then on, we will return to sporadic sexual relations, although there is still a long way to go and one-night stands will not return on a regular basis for another year”, explains Jesús Rodríguez, sexologist at Myhixel about the new rules of sex and the couple.

The study 2021 Summer Love, in which more than 2,000 single men and women participated, reveals that 57% have a firm intention of having sex during these summer months. However, sex will not be a one-night stand, so says 65%, in fact, 7 out of 10 are looking for a solid relationship that lasts after the summer months. How to regain confidence in ourselves, regain the habits of seduction or simply break the ice, are some of the concerns that respondents have wielded, to initiate us back into the amatory lides experts, Myhixel and JOYclub, give us the keys.

**Vaccination and responsibility

This summer, in addition to the use of protection, the practice of safe sex includes vaccination against COVID regardless sex is with your partner or with an escort near me. This is reflected in the aforementioned Match survey which, in a few weeks in which Spain is experiencing outbreaks among young people, reveals that 56% of men and women are very “worried or very worried” about the vaccination status of those with whom they are going to have a date during these months, while 46% explain that they will only have “real dates” once they have been vaccinated.


– Overcoming anxiety and managing expectations. “After more than a year’s hiatus, it is normal for doubts and insecurities to surface. The loss of social skills, being out of shape or having lost the practice, can generate some discomfort and anxiety when resuming relationships. To solve this, the first step is to make an analysis of our insecurities and know that we are not alone, as it is a common feeling in everyone after having lived a complex and unexpected situation,” Myhixel experts explain. “The flirting culture as we knew it has disappeared. Singles have become more demanding and, in the return to activity, we must avoid making comparisons with any past era and not martyr ourselves if we do not connect with others at the first time.”

– Honesty, the key to building trust. “Nowadays, we look for signs of responsibility and self-control in others in both personal and public health. It doesn’t matter whether you want something serious or a summer fling. Honesty about lifestyle and even vaccination status is essential to create a context of security between two people.”


From JOYClub, a community based on liberal sexuality, they give us several tips, fun and sexy so that the heat that accompanies the summer days does not spoil a fiery, healthy and satisfying relationship. “Letting the heat beat you is not an option, it’s about being creative and looking for options so that having sex in summer is equally pleasurable and exciting. That’s why from JOYclub we encourage you to open your mind and try new experiences either alone or accompanied to discover your sexuality without any prejudice. So use these fresh tips so that the summer does not take away your desire,” encourages Manuel Binternagel, spokesman for JOYclub.

– Make the most of the nights.

“It may seem simple and not always the nights are colder but certainly when the sun goes down, the temperatures drop even a little. That’s why the ideal is to become a nocturnal animal that has sex from 22:00h, mind you, it’s an advice not an obligation!”

– Try new experiences soaking wet.

“Water is one of the things that refresh us the most during the summer months, so the ideal is to change the traditional bed for the shower or bathtub. This way, you can take advantage of soaking in cool water as a couple and discover new and fun sexual experiences together.”

– Use ice as your best ally.

“Here it all depends on your imagination and ice games offer many possibilities. From simply taking the ice with your mouth and rubbing it on your partner’s erogenous zones – beware that some are very sensitive to cold and can get burned – to using ice instead of oils to give a very erotic massage. It is also possible to put your toys in the refrigerator, for example a glass dildo, to intensify the sensations. Here you must be careful as not all sex toys can be put in the fridge so, as a tip and if you are very fond of that partner, read the instructions well.”

– Fan or air conditioner to lower the temperature.

“The most classic trick but as well one of the most efficient. A fan running at the right time can help lower the temperature a few degrees and for sure, after you start sweating, you will be grateful to feel the air on your body, which will give you an even more refreshing feeling.”