Before you go ahead and colour your beautiful hair, there are a few things to consider like the hair colour brand, the right shade, and so on to achieve the desired appearance.

Now that you’ve made up your mind to use organic hair colour to transform your lovely hair, here’s a quick guide to getting a delightful, glossy colouring experience.

Identify Your Skin Tone:

Finding a hair colour that matches your skin tone is one of the most significant criteria, while going for making a change in your natural look.

Yes, your hair colour has huge impacts on your skin tone, eye colour, and other factors; with mismatching in the colors, one entire effort can go in vain entirely.

It is necessary for you to determine your skin tone before purchasing the hair dye. Cool, warm, or neutral skin tones are the most commonly identified skin tones in a country like India.

Remember The Following To Determine Your Skin Tone:

This is a major concern for everyone. Take a small test to determine your skin tone.

Method 1: Go outside in the sun and expose your skin to the sunrays for a while. If your skin tans in the sun, it has a warm skin tone, but if it goes red, you have a cool skin tone.

Method 2: Shine a light on your wrist. If you have a warm tone, the veins on your wrist will seem green. Your skin tone is cold if the veins seem blue.

Note: If the colour of veins in the sunshine is difficult to discern, the skin tone is neutral.

Color Of Your Eyes:

While going for a hair color, do not forget the role of your Iris color in your appearance. If you have grey or blue eyes, pale blonde hair would be a fantastic choice. If you have a dark complexion, though, a mocha or dark brown tint may result in a good choice for your sophisticated makeover.

Type Of Hair Color: Permanent or Semi-Permanent

Semi-Permanent Hair dye is a relatively better choice for colouring your hair. They don’t have any harsh bleaching chemicals, so that the tints are not deposited deep into the hair cuticles. The issue is that after a few washes, these colours fade.

Whereas, the Permanent Hair Colour bleaches your hair indefinitely, resulting in long-term results.

Consider Expert Advisory:

While the decision to colour your hair is gonna be entirely yours, seeking expert assistance is always beneficial in making a finer choice.

Several professional colorists advise for a hair colour that matches the natural shade of your hair. Many people often get discouraged by this, especially when they want to experiment with something new. Professionals believe that even if you colour your hair, the underlying pigment difference could affect the colour, ruining the new look and costing you alot.


We hope the preceding guidance has assisted you well in making an apt choice for proper shade of a natural hair color to go to.

If you’re still unsure and unable to decide the ‘right’, get in touch with our experts. It will help you get the desired consultancy and look by bringing solutions to all your concerns.