Jeans and jackets aren’t the only essentials men need to have in their wardrobe. A man must own certain clothes that are versatile enough to be worn in multiple places. So if you’re reading this article and thinking about going out and buying a new pair of jeans, think again as there are other items you might be missing.

But what exactly does a man need to dress the right way? In this short guide, we will give you a list of the six essential clothes a man needs to have in their wardrobe. Let’s start.

A Full Tailored Suit

Few men can pull off a full tailored look as Harvey Spencer from Suits. But if you’ve never tried it, how can you know if you can indeed do it? Suits are versatile clothes that work on numerous occasions. You can wear a suit in a professional setting, or on your day out with the work buddies. Not every suit, however, is the same. They come in different variations and are intended for different occasions. Not only that, suits come in different styles. So right out the bat, it’s difficult to know exactly what type and style of suit a man should have.

But regardless, every man should own at least one suit in their wardrobe. For the ultimately, classy, look, go for a full tailored suit. When it comes to color, it’s down to your personal preference. But we suggest a navy or gray suit to pull off the ultimate look.

A Versatile Blazer

A versatile blazer is a must-have in every wardrobe. A blazer can transform your look depending on the wear type. Since not every guy dresses the same, it’s difficult to know which clothes will work for you. Fortunately, a blazer is so versatile that it goes well on any occasion. It is less formal than a suit, but it can also make you stand out from the crowd.

But to pick a blazer that works for you, it’s important to establish your wear type. Luckily for you, there are guides out there that help you do just that. Here is a list of men’s wear types to know more about it.

Leather Dress Shoes

While Nike and Adidas have taken over the casual shoe market, every guy should own a pair of leather dress shoes for more formal occasions. Leather dress shoes go brilliantly with a full suit. They’re certainly an investment worth taking on. While you won’t be wearing them on your day out with the boys, they’re vital for any formal upcoming setting. Not only that, leather dress shoes are office Bonton.

If you’re thinking of pulling off the ultimate formal look, you can’t do it without leather dress shoes. Guys prefer black or brown, as they best complement any suit color.

Winter Coat

Even though winter is almost gone, what better time to shop for a new winter coat than in the off-season? Every guy needs a winter coat to help him overcome the cold days. As you have plenty of time to plan for next year, consider buying a winter coat while everyone is shopping for swim shorts and teas.

You can even go down the versatile route and buy a winter coat that any gentleman would be proud to wear. A winter coat is the perfect clothing for occasions where a normal jacket doesn’t fit the wardrobe requirements.

Grey Sweatshirt

Not everything in your wardrobe has to be formal. You will dress up casually most of the time. And there will certainly be times when pulling off a formal look will give you a few looks. So if you’re lacking casual clothes, consider adding a grey sweatshirt to your wardrobe.

Sweatshirts are great as they’re an off-duty essential. You can wear them in the gym, when out with your friends, and even on date night. But when it comes to versatility, color is everything. A grey sweatshirt is the ultimate clothing every man needs in their wardrobe. It’s minimalistic, subtle, and works great in any setting. When buying a grey sweatshirt, consider toning down on the branding.

We know that brands like to play big, but every guy should own a sweatshirt that doesn’t tell the whole room where they got it from.

Navy Shirt

Now that spring and summer are up next, what better way to restock your wardrobe than with a few navy shirts? A plain, navy shirt is the ultimate pick for any guy. The color rocks, the tea looks excellent, and you’ll have no trouble pulling off a casual look.

When it comes to shopping for navy shirts, you’ve got a few options in terms of style. You could go for an Oxford-style shirt for pure elegance or a plain navy shirt for a more casual look.