When buying an auction car in America, there are some important things to know. It is a process that may take 6-8 weeks, but the benefits easily outweigh the negatives. With Auto Auction Mall, you can buy your dream car at a fraction of the original price. You also get access to used car auctions across North America from the comfort of your home.

When you win a bidding war for a car online and are excited because you were able to save more than $2000, you might be shocked when the shipping company is telling you about delays and changes to the estimated arrival time. Though you might worry, delays happen all the time and there’s no good reason to think this one is different.

Sometimes delays may occur and cause a delay in shipping to Nigeria. It might be stressful to hear about this but some of these things can be prevented and some can’t. Here are some reasons that your online auction purchase may experience a delay:

Payment Not Completed

There are many online auction sites where you can buy cars. Once you bid, 24 hours later you have forwarded a payment invoice with estimated payment information for you to go to your bank and make the final payment. If the auction closes in less than two days, the process has two working days for payment. If the auction ends longer than two days, you risk incurring penalty fees. We only accept payments from US banks now.

Online auction websites provide estimates on cars that you buy once you request the price. These figures give you an idea of how much the car will cost and help you budget accordingly. If you are buying a car from Nigeria, you need to have a US dollar-denominated domiciliary account. To make this payment, you need to first exchange Naira for USD. Next, deposit the money in your domiciliary account and transfer it to the Auto Auction Mall website to pay for the car you just bought.

To save time while paying the invoice, it’s advisable to process the payments ahead of time. In addition, there is an offshore fee of $25 that you need to pay. However, waiting for the right account to make a payment can delay the process. But with these insights, you should be able to prepare ahead and avoid any delays or unnecessary fees.

Penalty Payments

Purchasing a car through an online auction has the potential for incurring a lot of penalties. With payment delays, shipping delays (if you chose to handle the shipping yourself), and a five-day grace period before your car can be removed from the lot, there are many reasons why a buyer might incur these fees.

Knowing the penalty fees beforehand would give you a clear understanding of how to avoid them so that you don’t delay the purchase and its shipment when disputing the penalty fees.

Not Fully Processed

When a car is sold at an auction house, the buyer has to get a title for the car to be able to ship it. However, depending on the auctioneer and the condition of the car, there are sometimes delays in processing the title. Regulatory bodies will inspect the car to determine if the buyer is entitled to a new title.

Auction website displays the status of vehicles on our website, on the information page of vehicles that you might be interested in. Vehicles with a “pending” title will usually have the countdown timer to the live auction paused at 64 days. It’s only activated when the company selling that particular car has been able to secure it.

You might want to be careful about this so you can avoid delays. If you’re interested in a specific car whose title is being processed, then a wait time of 1-2 weeks for the process might be worth it if you want to purchase that car right away.

It’s important to remember that without an accurate title, the US Customs will not clear your car and this can prolong the shipment process.

It generally takes 6-8 weeks for your vehicle to arrive. However, this time frame can be lengthened depending on the factors (listed above) that may delay the shipment. Worry not, though, your vehicle will make it to you sooner-or-later in one piece.