There’s no doubt that the opportunity of accepting mobile payments outweighs its rare disadvantages. Also, you can prefer business mobile phones that are the best choice for business payment. It has also helped businessmen add scalability and expansion to their businesses at a rate never seen before. 

Businesses today aren’t limited to a work hour schedule; neither are your customers’ lives. While implementing mobile payments into your business process, you should ensure that you adopt the tools that let you accept payments anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

If you’re a businessman, then the prudent thing to do is to move swiftly and adapt to changing consumer trends. And consumers are shifting to mobile payments as their preferred payment method at a fast pace.

What are Mobile Payments?

When a customer makes a payment using their mobile phone, it is a mobile payment. It is that simple. It is convenient, easy to collect, cost-effective, time-efficient, secure, ensures smooth cash flow, provides consumer metrics, and, last but not least, promotes business expansion. All you need is a reliable online payment system like Zaakpay.

Benefits of Mobile Payments

  • Convenience 

Mobile payments take off the waiting time from the equation, enable instant checkout, and make physical wallets redundant. Adding to customer satisfaction and convenience, digital payment systems assure time efficiency since people practically carry their cell phones in hand. The options available for accepting mobile payments are growing by the day. It includes mobile wallets and messaging services as well. An SMS, short for “short message service,” is also a way to send text payment links to your customers.

A clear, sound, professional, and dignified way of acquiring pending payments as opposed to collecting payments in person, playing phone tag, sending reminders, or having your staff engage in unpleasant financial debate with default customers, your communication and collection can all be done via SMS.

  • Cost-Efficient

Cell phones, digital pads, notebook computers, anything that has access to the internet can be set up to accept payments. There are also other convenient ways to add a physical card reader or install applications to simplify the process even more.

A secondary cost-efficient aspect of a digital payment system is you do not need to print or write the receipts, and you can simply email them. Saving rims of paper and gills of ink, all while contributing to the protection of trees and, by extension, the environment.

  • Security

Online payment systems like Zaakpay are secure as they have security protocols installed at every layer of communication and have dynamic encryption to guarantee each transaction’s safety. Many improved protocols are being built to make digital transactions safe and maintain the security of personal credit card information. Security features like PIN, biometric and digital signatures digital payments are deemed safer and secure than EMV chip card payments.

  • Meticulous Bookkeeping

Forgetting to record a transaction? Or misplacing cash or a check? An online payment system is instant and provides an immediate account of transactions by integrating your accounting software. As a direct consequence, you are organized and informed as a business owner. No more expired checks stashed in unknown corners of your office!

The more you move towards digital payment technology, you’ll begin to reap the following bookkeeping benefits:

  • Fewer data entry tasks
  • Lesser man-hours spent on bookkeeping 
  • No more pending accounts of invoices and receipts
  • Ease of transferring digital receipts and invoices instantly
  • Consumer Metrics

A digital payment system also provides insights into customers’ shopping habits and behavioral trends. While this information may not be beneficial to every business, it can be a gamechanger if you have a loyal customer base or if you are aiming for a particular demographic. Mobile payment systems can prove to be a powerful data compiler that will allow you to serve your customers in the best possible way there is.

  • Business Scalability

An online payment system can liberate your business from the physical limitations of payment collection such as cheques, cash, and credit cards. It allows you to grow your business beyond the confines of your office or business premises. By accepting mobile payments, your availability is open everywhere and anytime. 

Regardless of where you are either at a farmer’s market, health meet-up, business conventions, trade expo, or at a festival, you can collect payment where you stand anytime you want to. Try Online Invoice Generator Here!

Challenges of Mobile Payments 

The bane of many businesses lies not in their inability to implement mobile payments solutions because their technology is unreliable or even too sophisticated. Instead, it is the inability to adapt to progress and reconstruct their existing systems. Therefore, having the right guidance with the right infrastructure can make all the difference when you want to onboard new ideas.

Mobile payment partners like Zaakpay accomplish this by adjusting solutions to businesses instead of making the difficult adjustments to adapt their systems to new solutions. Business owners have their hands full with responsibilities ranging from maintaining the workflow to managing costs of productions daily. Owning a business account solution that allows for smooth integration of online, in-store, and digital payments systems is the only way to guarantee that your systems are properly set to help your business expand.

It also depends upon the partner you choose to allow your business to accept an online payment system. With the right payment gateway, like the one offered by Zaakpay, your business can conveniently accept online payments through any computer or mobile device, helping your business evolve to new heights.


For individuals who believe mobile payments do not matter for scaling their businesses and expanding their customer base or increasing customer spending, or even in retaining those loyal customers, it is high time you did a deep reflection on your business payment strategy. The question isn’t if mobile payments will be the future of the retail economy in one year or even five years— the question is – how prepared your business is if your customer demanded it today!