Bulgaria is a land of picturesque. All you can grab in a single pack from the black coast sea beach to the high hills and rivers to the glacier vales. So, how do you feel for the country? 

You are rolling down from the snowy vales, capturing pictures in the sun-kissed sand bed, and meeting the sparkling blue through sky and sea. I am sure you will get the superb charm in all living pleasures. So, extend your vision and watch the horizon line where the golden sun is sinking.

Don’t worry; I will explore the famous places in Bulgaria. I will show the significant spots that almost everyone visits. But during the car driving journey, you also can explore new places or points on your own courage. Carry a camera to take a series of pictures. 

Wait, wait before packing your luggage, learn some minor parts of Bulgaria and its beauty. 

  • Bulgaria is in the southeast part of Europe. 
  • Bulgaria is famous for folklore and western music. 
  • Bulgaria is best to taste a series of unique food dishes. 
  • Bulgaria has the best historical places. 
  • Bulgaria is an educated country with its vividity in the field. 

Best Places To Visit In Bulgaria

Bulgaria is in the southeast part of Europe and has opened ranges of beautiful scenarios. I am sure you would love the side scenes in your journey. If you want to grasp something more beautiful, grab a train journey. You will reach your destination faster and also will get closer to nature. 

Every year, thousands of people come to visit the country. In summer, hotspots look different, and in other seasons, nature decorates itself with new things. Hence, you are free to visit the country any time you wish. But I can recommend you to visit this time if you love the snowy white scarf. Let’s see famous places.

  1. Varna 

Let’s begin the journey in Bulgaria with the towny place. Yes, Verna is a small town on the edge of the black sea. If you remember the novel by Thomas Hardy, “Far From The Madding Crowd,” then Verna would be the best place like that. The local people also like this place because of the simplicity and beautiful ambiance. 

As the seaside is close to the town, you can visit to cover the other as well. Generally, people see the black sea; they drink coke in the town and taste the sweet and spicy food of Verna. You also don’t forget to do that. 

  •  Sofia

Sofia is one of the famous places in Bulgaria. This sprawling capital of Bulgaria is Sophia. This place is primarily famous for the historical spots like Serdica Fort and the Roman-Byzantine Church. Gripping the hands of Bulgaria just shifts back to ancient time and its philosophy. Who loves history and old places, Sophia would be their best choice to visit? 

Visit the Aleksander Nevski Cathedral in Sofia and find its iconic glimpse in history. From these areas, you can watch the showy picks standing far away. This view is genuinely remarkable. Don’t spoil the chance of visiting this place. Taste Paraguay Food here. 

  • Plovdiv

I hope you would love to get the ancient touch in your holidays. Plovdiv is a Roman amphitheatre. You can consider this place as one of the oldest arenas of early ages. This time, people used to watch live theatre sitting in the gallery. In the middle of the gallery, the theatres were staged for the audiences. Almost all ancient European amphitheatres got destroyed with time though Plovdiv stills remain. 

It is a kind of heritage of the country. Years ago, people used to watch live theatres over there. I am sure you would love to watch the ancient stadium where dramas and theories used to be held. 

  • Ruse

Ruse is a city filled with greenery and aesthetic features. This looks so rich and aristocratic. The place is beside the Danube River and superbly decorated. A pollution-free town with a fantastic ambiance. In this city, you will have great architecture and ancient buildings. In fact, the tourists somehow call the city the gateway of all hidden architecture. 

Churches, chapels, and monasteries are all you will receive in a single place. It is the central part of the country. Almost all things are being developed in the neoclassical style. Thus, the historical fragrance will remain everywhere in the city. 

  • Pobiti Kamani 

Let’s move forward somewhere to have free space and a dry climate. Yes, Pobiti Kamini is a dessert filled with a series of boulders. Generally, people are accustomed to watching boulders on the sea beach. But in the vase of this desert, the case is different. Some stony pillars standing straight. As you watch the film, it is just that. The valley is full of rocks and stones.

This is the specialty of this place. It is one of the famous destinations for tourists. So, visit this famous place and click nice pictures. 

  • Burgas

This time, Burgas would make a drastic change to your heart. The spot is like that, you can never forget. The charmy lava-like red sky and the superb extending blue water merging together. It is just an awesome mixture of two different colors together. Mainly, if you visit the place at sunset, you will have awesome eyesight. 

In the redding sky, there should be tiny pelts of clouds. It is a paradise for tourists, I should state. In some distance, you will have a river bridge and hundreds of cars running through it. It is heaven, right? 

  • Nessebar

Whom you ask about the Bulgaria tour, they all tell you to visit Nessebar. Unlike the other spots, Nessebar is different in appearance. Sparkling water with a great pearly glow is always coming and breaking in the bank of the sea. It is the most enchanting place and now has become the central part of the attraction. Here you can have a nice sea drive. The water is crystal clearing so that you can watch the underparts of the water. 

Take a seat on the bank of the sea waves and enjoy the waves. Many times, people book seaside villas to stay for a couple of days. You can do the same. I know you would live there. It is a suitable Bachelor Party Destination.

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  • Seven Rila Lakes

Already I have started for deserts, cities, and sea beaches. Hence, I would like to give you a source of the lakes. Yes, you simply get seven lakes in a single spot. Seven Rila lakes are in the north western part of Bulgaria. On the Rila tops, the lakes are being created naturally. Generally, the lakes are being made a glacier. When I started becoming water from icy chunks, the lakes had been made.

You can watch the lakes from the topmost view. All are at the same place. It is a part of Rila national park. It is the largest national park in Bulgaria. Give your eyes a nice shine by watching the lovely lakes on the top mountain peaks. 

  •  Bansko 

Don’t feel sad not reading the snowy spots. I will tell you know about the snowy places. Bansko is the central sports place for everyone. Do you love skating? Well, you can do this here. It seems the valley has been covered by a white scarf. But it is actually snowing. In the wintertime, the whole place gets covered with thick snow. 

A 70-kilometer-long space is enough to drive. Here, you can have luxury resorts. So, you book them and spend some momentary day. There is nothing more glorious than living in the white world. 

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  1. Krushuna Waterfalls

Maximum is the foreigner tourists that come to watch this spot. Generally, they like the location, and the watcher falls. I know you would love the falls. The steps made one by one are fantastic. It is better to go to watch the stream on the weekdays. 

So, go and visit the nice place. Don’t forget to take awesome pictures. 

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The Bottom Lines

Visit all the places, I think it wouldn’t require things more to make you happier. However, you book tickets and go out this year to spend nice hours in the country. 

The nice decorations and awesome climate will; amaze you for sure. Don’t think of money. It is not huge. Make a family trip and go with friends. All are famous places of Bulgaria I have discussed here.